The Asante/Akyem Politicians Verses The Other Tribes In Ghana

Sun, 21 Apr 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement


In a besieged fortress, all dissidence is treason No one has written your destiny for you – it is in your hands. You need to be a good liar, in order to be a good politician, you need not care about anyone unless they are in your immediate circle of family and friends as shown by Ex-Prez. Kufour and his NPP administration from 2001-2008. You need to be very selfish, cold hearted, ego centric and vindictive. The very politicians some people are willing to die for HAVE NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE at all. Whilst people are out there carrying machets and laying down their lives for them, these politicians are drinking champagne and planning how much money they can embezzle or stash in their secret foreign accounts so the moment a politician gets into office he forgets everything magically. Their crusade, their promises and pledges all goes out of the window until the next election period. The Asante/Akyem politicians leading the NPP are professional tricksters who continually lie to the people through their teeth just to get their votes, and that is why they always develop very impressive looking manifestos they will never implement. The deception does not stop there. These hopeless tricksters will travel the length and breadth of the country meeting with the people for them to know HOW IN TOUCH they are with the masses. They will visit the ghettos, hamlets, cottages and the markets preaching Asante/Akyem might within the the Akan speaking Regions with their infamous battle cry “All die be die” Akans are Not Cowards, They promised a “Free S.H.S” even though Ghanaians don’t go to toilet Free in the country, they don’t drink water free neither do they get anything free excep the air.

According to the NPP, once you enter into politics, you have to lose all sense of conscience and honesty and must preach tribal superiority even among other tribes and urge them to attack and kill each other, this is the main reason why some Ghanaians shy away from politics even though they could perform better, but such people claim that politics is a dirty game which is false. Democracy must be HOMEGROWN and not IMPORTED from Western countries. This is the reason why we find that different democratic Formats exist in Europe, Asia, and America, so why should Africa not be allowed by the Western countries to develop her own democratic formats as well? You see, many Africans themselves have a very negative view of Africa and of THEMSELVES. They think they have nothing to offer.

We need to accept ourselves even though we do not have all the answers but we have some of the answers and we need to offer them. We need to be confident in spreading and sharing what we know just as this writer have been doing through the social media. Why do may foreigners keep coming, and coming and coming to Africa? It is because Africans have something valuable to offer them. The biggest handicap has been ourselves for it is great to be an African, more so, we are Black and proud.

THE MAN, NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFFO ADDO- 2008 and 2012 Elections.

The Presidential candidate of the NPP had what it takes to have won both the 2008 general elections an well as the 2012 election hands down – but what went wrong?

Here are the answers: (1) The NPP needs to take a very closer look at its campaign message. Campaigning on the wings of CONTINUITY comes with its negative problems, because All that glitters is not GOLD.

All the things being touted as MAJOR ACHIEVEMENS of John Kufour’s government that the NPP was so proud of CONTINUING, did not go down well with the majority of the people. Therefore, while looking at its achievenments and making a lot of noise about them, the NPP failed to take coguisance of its deficiencies captured in the mood of the people.


The apparent OVER CONFIDENT POSTURE of the Presidential candidate, and the perception that HE HAD NOT EXPERIENCED SUFFERING BEFORE and that he was not seeking the PRESIDENCY for the sake of the poor people did NOT endear him to many people because if you are so wealthy that you never experienced suffering before, how then can you serve the millions of poor Ghanaians? We must therefore show you the RED CARD by voting against you to enable you go home and enjoy your wealth period. He was again heard several times saying at every opportunity that he had not CREDITED YOKE GARRI (garri and beans) before and that he is a successful and famous lawyer. Well in an environment CHOKED with extreme POOR PEOPLE, Nana Addo should have known that one does not score high marks boasting about his wealth that may not necessarily have for its origins hard work, honesty and selflessness. On the “yoke gari; he was mocking at Rawlings who used to credit rice and beans for his friends who were Juniors officers in the army in 1978.”

It is good that politicians take note of some of these things on their next endeavours in the political arena. As if that was not enough, Ghanaians well told by the NPP leadership that the NDC would NEVER COME TO POWER as far as they were concerned. You see, sometimes it pays to be humble. Apart from their complaints and reservations, the ANTAGONISTIC stance that the NPP adopted towards the people of the Volta Region in 2008 can never be down played because of the dangerous forebodings it has for the UNITY AND COHESION OF THE COUNTRY. The National Executive of the NPP saw a good scape goat among the people of the Volta Region after losing the 2008 elections. Their solace is that, but for the people of the Volta Region, who were at their animalistic best, the NPP would have won that election. They made Ghanaians to believe that it was only in the Volta Region that the NPP’s hundreds of thousands of supporters were prevented from voting.

It was only in the Volta Region that NPP Polling Agents were beaten, intimidated harassed and what turned out to be the most outrageous of all THEIR CLAIMS, MURDERED as Lawyer Atta Kyea the MP for Abuakwa South was busy looking for corpses from some mortuaries to be dumped in the Volta Region and then claim that those corpses were the slain members of NPP Polling Agents in 2008. How sad. It is very strange how the NPP should anchor their hope of victory in Election 2008 on the support they expected from the Volta Region. And here the bitter TRUTH which is very harsh and painful have to be told no matter whose OX is gored, it must be confronted. This is a Region that for 8 good years of Kufour’s administration does not seem to be part of this unitary country called Ghana.

For the record, in the Military and the Police Service, the Volta Region was the only Region in Ghana for 8years that DID NOT have ANY OFFICER QUALIFIED ENOUGH to hold any COMMAND POSITION in the security services and yet they were plenty of these officers there. Those who are doubting Thomases may kindly tell well meaning Ghanains how many officers from the Volta Region in the Military Commanded any of the services or the units of the Ghana Armed Forces or held command position in the Ghana Police Services over the last 8 years of Kufour’s administration from 2001-2008.

They should tell us how many of them headed any state public institutions or even served as board members. It is NIL as all the command Positions in the Army and the Police as well as heads of public institutions and Board members all came from people from Asante/Akyem. As for the Northerners, Ex-prez-Kufour told the nation that he could not get any material from the the Upper West Region. The other tribes in the various Regions also therefore, cannot be dictated to by these greedy, Asante/Akyem politicians. Nana Akuffo wanted to continue with the above WORSE LEGACY OF KUFOUR WHY WON’T HE LOSE HE 2008 general elections.


One Mr. Collinsson Kodua’s rejoinder in the Ghanaian Times of 17th and 18th June 1993 during President Rawlings administration Headed; ANLO TRIBALISM – A THREAT TO HERITAGE his vexations and ethnocentric publication raised the political temperature which compelled the Progressive Forces including this writer to come out with the bare facts thus: ANLO TRIBALISM TOP POSTS

Share of the country’s Top Posts Tribe by Tribe – Akans were 56.6% Their Ambassadors during the PNDC era were 53.8% all of them were Akans.

But for the whole 8 good years of Kufour’s administration no Anlo, Ewe or Ayigbe qualified to command the Security Agencies or head any public institution isn’t it? The reason of Kufour and his NPP government was that Ewes are “in ward looking people” apologies to the late Victor Owusu – a former Attoney General in Dr. Busia’s Progress Party government 1969-1972 and the then presidential candidate of the Popular Front Party. Why didn’t any Akan from the Asante/Akyem party write a single article to critice Ex-Prez. Kufour since 2001 – 2008 up to date? The Asante/Akyem politicians think that they are wiser than all Ghanaians.

How could Nana Akuffo win the 2008 general elections based on such continuity openly practiced by Ex-Prez. Kufour – the tall liar who believes in Tribal politics? If care is not taken, this dangerous. TRIBAL TIME BOMB will explode in our faces one bloody day and they would be no WINNER or LOSER – you mark my words. Just keep your fingers crossed. I shall return in part 3 of this article when the need arise. I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua









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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement