The Bizarre & Wretched Case of Attorney Dr. Adjei Sarfo (Part 2)

Tue, 3 Mar 2015 Source: Prof. Lungu

What a life!

We thought we'd never have to re-visit this case uninvited by a response from Attorney Dr. Adjei Sarfo. But here we are, revisiting, without a response!

So, Part II is in fairness to our multiple-part essayist, Attorney Dr. Adjei Sarfo, as none of our cautionary pleadings to him seemed to have made any impression on the Ghana national living and working in Austin, Texas. More important, to the extent Prof Lungu and Attorney Dr. Adjei Sarfo both share the same alma mater, Texas Southern University, we thought we were in as good a position as anyone to take Attorney Dr. Adjei Sarfo to task for his continued egregious and untoward conduct on Ghanaweb!

We trust that most Ghanaweb pundits and commentators will agree that more than any one person, Attorney Dr. Adjei Sarfo is shamefully and disastrously abusing Ghanaweb. This resource is entirely free of charge for all of use to learn, and positively influence the other. More important, we ought to be using Ghanaweb to effectively challenge and inspire leaders in Ghana to do the right things by Ghana, as they confront the multitude of developmental and governance challenges, many of them self-induced. Sadly, Attorney Dr. Adjei Sarfo appear to be adrift on these areas.

In Part I, we asked many questions of Attorney Dr. Adjei Sarfo, among them what it is that caused him, a Thurgood Marshall lawyer, to want to permanently proscribe living Ghanaians, and the multitude yet unborn, from ever working for the people of Ghana, for posterity, even after he, Lawyer Adjei Sarfo himself, would be long dead and gone? We received no reasonable explanation(s).

And so, at this point, it is our opinion that Lawyer Adjei Sarfo and others at the so-called Danquah Institute are on a quest to purposely malign and discredit the legacy of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the Founder of Ghana. Witness their recent attempts at appropriating "Osagyefo" to append to Dr. J. B. Danquah's name. Then there are the cases of the Dr. J. B. Danquah's "inventions" that are properly credited to Dr. Nkrumah as the Chief Executive when those facilities were built and commissioned. We see all this as part of a foolhardy ploy to supplant Dr. Nkrumah with Dr. J. B. Danquah, as the most important person that ever lived and worked for Ghanaians. And as they have proceeded on that shameful road of Danquah aggrandizement, they have fabricated data, presented bogus sources and information, and leveled all manner of warrantless and disgraceful attacks on those who seek truth, balance, and respect for all.

In particular, we now believe that much of the "information " contained in the first of the so-called Danquah prison letters, the one pasted on Ghanaweb by Lawyer Adjei Sarfo in one of his essays, is bogus. So too, is the letter subsequently posted by the Danquah Institute, in a slightly less "edited" form. Therefore, if Lawyer Adjei Sarfo knows otherwise, we simply ask that he make that "letter" available for all to see. He can do that by posting that original letter (and the second one) on the now rather barren and pointless Danquah Institute website. (Or he can send authentic copies of the original letters to us, and we will gladly post them on www.GhanaHero.com, within 48 hours of receipt).

Further, we've always said we believe in the "Record" of this internet age, of communication, knowledge, and inter-connectedness that more easily accommodates the preservation of knowledge and information, and access by all, in practice. In that regard and in this case, it is going to be important for some of us, when we have time, to provide in one place, in one essay, in one arrested time, a sample of the evolving disaster on Ghanaweb that is painfully Lawyer Adjei Sarfo. We will do that in part by utilizing another letter, this one reportedly written by Dr. Nkrumah and posted on Ghanaweb by Kweku Danso 26 Feb.

The Dr. Nkrumah letter was addressed to Dr. Kofi Busia who was as well deposed, in 1972, by another military junta that would go on to establish a second military dictatorship over the good people of Ghana. The difference between Dr. Nkrumah's letter and the "letter" with bogus information from Lawyer Adjei Sarfo, (if we want to even entertain the idea that the letter exists in its original form in the first place), is this: Dr. Nkrumah's, titled "A Letter of Consolation To Dr. Kofi A. Busia: On the Coup in Ghana", is sourced to The Black Scholar, a numbered, serial journal (Vol. 3, No, 9, 1972). On the other hand, Lawyer Adjei Sarfo, when providing the self-selected extracts, even neglected to provide the date of the letter, the good and careful lawyer that he is. No proof exists for that letter.

Regretfully, and strangely, the Dr. Nkrumah letter produced some of the more bizarre and wretched statements we've heard and read of late, from Lawyer Adjei Sarfo. The way we see it, Lawyer Adjei Sarfo's many postings were entirety inappropriate: they could not usefully inspire or inform. As a result, the capsule of those comments (transcript, if we may), arrested in time in their entirety, reflected poorly on Ghanaweb pundits and commentators, Ghanaians and Ghana supporters. This underscores our contention that Lawyer Adjei Sarfo is abusing the Ghanaweb community resource.

So, in 5 (Five) Comment Lines, please witness the debauchery of words and taste, and the total absence of respect for practically everyone on Ghanaweb by Lawyer Adjei Sarfo, as occurred during the discourse on that fateful letter to Dr. Busia:


BEGIN.........................THE CASE.......................THE TRANSCRIPT...........

DATE: 2015-02-26

WHAT: Ghanaweb Column

TITLE: A Letter of Consolation To Dr. Kofi A. Busia: On the Coup in Ghana


AUTHOR OF SELECTED COMMENTS: Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law (Lawyer Dr. Adjei Sarfo)


COMMENT Line (1): The Characteristics of Nkrumah


"Nkrumah suffered from extreme character defects: ungrateful, dishonest, vindictive, megalomaniacal, extravagant, spendthrift, dictatorial, disloyal, traitorous, delusional, egoistic, paranoid, schizophrenic, psychopathic, fraudulent...", (Lawyer Dr. Adjei Sarfo).


"Bordering", Not "Bothering" Bro. You can't even write English... The word is "bordering" fool", (Lawyer Dr. Adjei Sarfo).


COMMENT Line (2): Shame on you, Dr. SAS! This is beneath..


"But I am a very good person and very handsome, Dr. Berko! Ask anybody that knows me personally. My kindness and generosity and honesty are boundless, and I am daring anybody who knows me to dispute this assertion....And part of being decent and good and kind is recognizing the face of evil when you see one. And I see Nkrumah as an evil genius deserving of all the "sociopathic" epithets I have lined up for him....I see it as a sacred duty to unveil Nkrumah in all his true form......and if that makes me an "ignoble scholar", so be it", (Lawyer Dr. Adjei Sarfo).


COMMENT Line (3): Half-Baked Educated Dimwits!


What is:...."The crazy idiot is ruffled read my comment below"??? ... Your English is as bad as that of Nkrumah. The dimwit wrote in pidgin thus: ...."You will also appreciate the fact that those who sow a wind (sic) reap a whirlwind(sic), and after you have finished spoiling (sic) other people, you will be surprised to find out that you have spoiled(sic) yourself....He also wrote:...."Faithful Yours"!!!....You and Nkrumah are half-baked educated dimwits", (Lawyer Dr. Adjei Sarfo).


"Another of the ranting Nkrumaist morons who cannot communicate in good English. He writes in pidgin just like Nkrumah....What is:...."I appreciate the fact you did understand the dude and the message and you are the type that can even write or read your own mother tongue more or less to correct somebody's spelling mistake who have used a second language to pass his exams....." ???? ....You are a good example of Nkrumah's cheap education policy. It produced illiterates now posing as educated fools....Your logic is that we are not English men so any language goes? Such a loser!", (Lawyer Dr. Adjei Sarfo).


Comment Line (4): Re: SAS the fake doctor


"Do you need to look very far to find a fake doctor?....Your idol, Nkrumah, who wrote that linguistically flawed letter above is the one that is fake. He came to Ghana and claimed to have a doctoral degree at a time when he didn't. Now that is fake....It is disingenuous to argue that someone like me with an earned Juris Doctor (which is Latin for Doctor of Law) is not a holder of a doctor of law degree. Only a concrete-headed, illiterate Nkrumaist can make such a trite argument....Fraud or fakery of the Nkrumah type is a very serious charge here; so like Ahoofe, you can forward your grievance to the Texas Office of the Disciplinary Counsel. They will explain your ignorance to you....just like they did for Ahoofe....I was not responding to your nonsense because this issue is res judicata, if you understand", (Lawyer Dr. Adjei Sarfo).


Comment Line (5): Nkrumaists Are Not Properly Educated


"No Nkrumaist can communicate in good English. This is because English is not just a language but also a subject which is better studied through extensive reading. Extensive reading makes one a better thinker. The Nkrumaists don't read, and so they can't think....Nkrumah himself was a bad writer as evidenced by his tawdry and infantile letter above....Now talk about a cackle of half-baked educated dimwits, and you will be aptly describing the Nkrumaist goons. Give them a line of editorial review extending from here to Jerusalem, and they will still be writing in pidgin. The extent of these people's education is just to qualify them to be town-criers for Nkrumah....(I will generously make exception for Dr. G.K. Berko who can write pretty well but is still disabled when it comes to thinking well)", (Lawyer Dr. Adjei Sarfo).


END.........................THE CASE.......................THE TRANSCRIPT...........


How delusional and totally devoid of a proper sense of purpose and respect, must we all be, Austin, Texas?

'Nuff respect to all, and Ghana-Nation and Supporters!

Prof. Lungu is Ghana-centered/Ghana-Proud. Prof Lungu is based in Washington DC, USA. Brought to you courtesy www.GhanaHero.comĀ©27 Feb. 15.

Columnist: Prof. Lungu