Gov't should be held responsible for high cost of electricity - not ECG

Sun, 29 May 2016 Source: Anokye, Kofi

What this government has done successfully in recent years is to position state institutions for blame when they commit high profile political blunders.

Earlier this year, the whole Information Service Department was blamed for the 6th March brochure blunder when it was clearly the result of poor work done by appointees of the president. The Bank of Ghana has taken it fair share of blame for our ailing economy when over 70% of the problem emanated from decision taken by the Ministry of Finance

Today, it is the turn of ECG to shoulder the blame for government when it is clear Ghanaian that we are paying for the power barges. ECG be should ashamed for taking responsibility.

When government decided to solve our power crises with power barges, I said repeatedly that Ghanaians are not ready to bear the cost and that we should focus on hydro. I wrote a couple of articles to drive this point home and granted several radio and television interviews to draw the attention of our leaders to no avail.

I knew it was coming and I didn't keep it to myself: I cautioned government on the possible repercussions but like a child destined to fail, they remained headstrong

Why is government trying to escape from criticism when we are clearly paying for their reckless decision to put the nation on generators instead of finding lasting solutions to hydro that has served as so well from time immemorial?

Why is ECG taking responsibility for a problem they did very little to create. This is a purely the result of a political decision with little consultation of experts and I therefore feel obliged to point it out because I predicted it and cautioned the powers that be about it.

As said in the past, the financial burden is just one of the many problems the power barges are bringing us. We cannot calculate the dangers it poses environmentally. I only hope that EPA will not be held responsible when this happens in the future because it is bound to

Government must be bold and stand by the decisions they take even if it backfires; this is what leadership is about. Pretending that the unbearable cost of power Ghanaians are forced to pay is an anomaly and solely the result of technical hitches from ECG is laughable to someone like me who has been vocal from the very beginning that this is going to happen.

Experts have been undermined for so long in this nation and I think it shouldn’t not be discouraged. State institutions deserve to be treated with respect by the powers that be. It is very unprofessional on the part of ECG to take full responsibility of the high cost of power when they know well that the problem has been created by the govrnment’s decision to put the nation on power barges.

In my article: Power for power: a blessing or a curse, this is what I said about the power barges:

“This power barge is like a cancer virus which will kill every cell it comes into contact with and at the end of the day die when it is done consuming every living cell including the government of the day”

I hope the electoral commission is not blamed when the latter happens.

When you check your electricity bill and find the amount doubled or tripled, always remember that you are paying AMERI for the rented power barge and above all, never forget that Kofi Anokye warned.

AMERI is written all over your bill- not ECG.

Government should be ashamed for running for cover at the expense of the already fragile credibility of ECG.

This tactics must stop.

Kofi Anokye


Columnist: Anokye, Kofi