The bane of Ghana's politics

Thu, 12 Nov 2020 Source: Gabriel Dake

Sensationalism! Yes, sensationalism could be the bane of Ghana's politics. You will be amazed at the reasons for people siding with political parties. Sometimes funny and disturbing but we are forced to comply with the "respect each other's decision" jargon.

I experienced a really disturbing scene between two renowned personalities while savouring on my club beer at "Ewiase Bar" one faithful Friday night.

It was a brawl! The parties involved were determined on winning and arguing with abusive words to defend their stance.

To my amazement, it was Mr. Ananu and Mrs. Tolight. That caught my attention.

Luckily for me, Dzigbordi was around to serve my next glass. "What is going on?" I asked.

Hmm sir it's because of politics.

I couldn't believe it.

According to Dzigbordi, Mrs. Tolight vehemently requested they change the TV channel because the opposition leader was on the scene. "We want a better and reasonable candidate" she exclaimed.

Mr. Ananu rebutted and indicated he will forever vote for the opposition party even if the flagbearer was a monkey.

To compound the bizarreness the two parties gave vivid and humiliating accounts for their choice.

It was based on bigotry and tribal lines. None was focused on assessing the performance of their beloved candidates for the terms they had served. I was disappointed.

But this quickly drew my attention to my mates from university who I believe should be the revolutionary leaders and make sound decisions when it comes to politics. We were no different from Mr. Ananu and Mrs. Tolight.

We are just paid some quid to defend our political affiliations whether wrong or right. We vote for parties because that is our family culture. We simply can't change. We are so strong and loud on social media with pseudo accounts to insult those who criticize our political parties and defend the rot hampering the development of our country.

We don't talk to others because they are bold to point out the flaws of political parties. They are our enemies. To blossom, we take screenshots and circulate just to dent the images of others. We are in a hurry to find faults with them.

You simply have to be careful when criticizing a political party. The youth will come at you!

We are easily moved by sensationalism but glaring corruption scandals we defend. We are left in a state of martyrdom. We are weak to resent the imbalance in politics.

When will the cobwebs leave our minds? Do we love Ghana?

Examine your choice of a political candidate, will it merit the development of Ghana?

Kofi Dake

Columnist: Gabriel Dake
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