The Ghanaian Condition(Part 20)

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 Source: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele



I have spent sleepless nights for the past few days wondering where our Society is heading.

The litany of human degradations or depravities being visited on our Christian brothers and sisters by our so –called ‘Men of God’ are too numerous to mention here.

The likes of Nana Kofi Yirenkyi alias ‘Jesus OneTouch’,Bishop Vaglas Kanco,Bishop Obinim and others too numerous to list are a disgrace to Christendom.

Anyone who reads today’s Daily Graphic front page article will either end up being confused or be under the impression that the leadership of our clergy is made up confused and self –seeking men.

Whilst the Chairman of the Christian Council, Rev Professor Emmanuel Asante has called for legislation to compel Churches to be affiliated to the different Christian groups without infringing on their rights, the Ghana Pentecostal Council and the National Charismatic Churches on the other hand are against the need for legislation but rather opt for affiliation to ensure checks and balances.

If self-regulation were that good for mankind, God in his infinite wisdom would not have made the Ten Commandments as a moral and legal laws for human beings. Any Society that have no laws end up with ‘anarchy’ as every everyone is at liberty to do as he/she pleases.

The source of the current world financial problems can be traced to self-regulation by the greedy bankers in America and Europe and look at the price that we are all paying.

Just this evening Mr David Cameron,the British Prime Minister has stated, that he wants to abolish the twisted human rights laws and set up a ‘British Bill of Rights’ as a response to the anarchists behaviours of the gangsters looting and burning shops all over Britain.

Can the same action be taken in Ghana if this mayhem happens here? You bet your last Cedi, it won’t.

Mr President, it is about time you and your Government declare ‘war’ on these charlatan Pastors who are making the lives of our vulnerable people miserable. These charlatan Pastors have been allowed to spiral out of control for far too long.

They are now using the Bible as a weapon to rob people and are worse than armed robbers. Whereas armed robbers are jailed when caught, these charlatans are getting away scot-free all in the name of religion. Why is it that Churches are not being taxed like any other institutions?

I know our politicians will shy away from taking the obvious and most sensible steps in addressing these issues because they themselves are as bad as these charlatans.

Both N.D.C and N.P.P are equally courting these religious lunatics for their votes hence they will not do anything to upset them.

I am highly encouraged by a comment on my yesterday’s article by one Mr.Zion Ayariga. Here I quote ‘It is about time we the Youth stand up against old folks, for no one will do it for us, if not we will pass it on to the next generation. Just look at what is happening in Europe and Arab Countries-unquote’

Yes ,our Constitution guaranteed freedom of worship and assembly, but is there no limit to such freedom?

Yes, there is Human Rights alright but for every right comes responsibility.

For how long will our children, and women continued to be raped, defiled and mentally and physically abused by these so-called men of God before our Government wakes up to their responsibilities?

For how long will these pseudo-pastors continue to rob us--- blind in the name of Jesus/God before our Government does something? I am beginning to wonder if our Ministers and Parliamentarians are living in the same country called Ghana. Are they like the three monkeys-------See no evil, Hear no evil and there is no evil.

What at all will it take to pass a law regulating ALL CHURCHES IN GHANA? Human beings will not and cannot self-regulate themselves without any laws whatsoever. If it were so, God would never have made the Ten Commandments.

Mr President, we are waiting. May be in the final analysis our Civil Society would have to take the initiative .We simply cannot allow these charlatans to take society for granted and do as they please.


Columnist: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele