The NDC’s mischief and opposition to the Jean Mensah-led Electoral Commission knows no boundary

JeanMensa New 202012312.jpeg Jean Mensa, Chairperson of the EC

Thu, 1 Oct 2020 Source: Iddi Muhayu-Deen

You just cannot help but admire the NDC for their unrepentant campaign in opposition to whatever the Electoral Commission of Ghana does or intends to do pursuant to its mandate in respect of the upcoming December 7 polls. To the NDC, so long as it is not their darling Charlotte Osei at the helm of affairs at the EC, not even Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) can satisfy them, let alone a mere mortal like Madam Jean Mensah.

They have fought the Jean Mensah-led EC in spirit and in the physical realm. They have fought the Jean Mensah-led EC on the streets; fought them in the media; fought them in the churches/mosques; fought them in the International Community; fought them in the Courts. And are in fact still fighting them. They are still fighting the EC at all levels and in all departments including the Courts.

They say the EC is scheming to rig the 2020 elections for President Akufo-Addo, yet their Leader, John Mahama when in government, told us it is impossible for the EC to rig elections in this country. They say this whole new voter registration exercise is a subtle attempt by the EC to disenfranchise many eligible Ghanaians. They even went to court to ventilate these concerns, yet anytime the EC tries to open up the process to get more people to register, the NDC tries to stop them.

They have tried a million dollar times to stop the EC from getting more Ghanaians on the electoral roll. They would rather the EC registers foreigners particularly Togolese and Ivorians. They have strong issues with the EC registering Ghanaians. It would be recalled that when the EC decided to send their mobile registration devices to Senior High Schools to register final year students (WASSCE Candidates), the NDC kicked against it and even went to court to try and stop them.

Of course, the latest in their series of unending absurdities is their decision to yet again file a suit in court challenging the EC’s decision to undertake a one day voter registration mop-up exercise to allow eligible Ghanaians who have not registered to do so. The NDC claims that what the EC was doing is illegal because the Commission has failed to comply with the Regulation requiring a 21-day gazette publication before the start of a mass voter registration exercise. Shocked? Please don’t be.

You should know that the NDC’s legendary incompetence will certainly not let them know that we have a subsisting legal regime that allows for continuous registration of voters. And that, it is this law that the EC is relying on to undertake this one day mop-up registration exercise having duly informed all the political parties at the last IPAC meeting. No wonder they suffered yet another embarrassment in court when their suit including application for injunction was thrown out for being incompetent and frivolous. Need you need more to conclude that the NDC’s mischief and absurdity knows no boundary!??? The alternative is scary indeed.

Columnist: Iddi Muhayu-Deen
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