The Political Hypocrisy of the Opposition NPP in Parliament!

Thu, 21 Feb 2013 Source: Jajah, Mahmoud

The Opposion NPP is not being fair to Ghanaians, but thank God Ghanaians didn’t give them the mandate to govern this country!

The selective boycot of Parliamentary proceedings by the NPP is sheer hypocrisy. In Ghana, unlike in England, we do not have the system of supremacy of Parliament. Our Parliament do have a lot of limitations. And in fact the Ghanaian Parliament cannot do almost anything without the blessings of the Executive. So for instance, even for common statements made by Parliamentarians on the floor of the House to see the light of the day, the Executive must come in to do the implementation.

Absolutely NOTHING can be done in our Parliament without the blessings of the Executive!

The same Constitution that gives the NPP the right to petition the Supreme Court in the matter of challenging the Presidential elections, also places an obligation on them to respect and recognize the President until the Supreme Court decides otherwise. The NPP is being unfair to Ghanaians in their selective use of the constitutional provisions.

Now assuming without necessarily admitting that should the Supreme Court of Ghana rules in favour of the Petitioners, and eventually Nana Addo becomes the President of Ghana, will the NPP expect the NDC majority in Parliament to respect and cooperate with the Nana Addo presidency, in the light of their current misconducts? No way!

Thank God Ghanaians are now politically sophisticated in choosing our leaders. And with the proliferation of the media houses in the country, we get to document every single political event in this country. We are more matured, and informed when it comes to our choices. Insha Allah Ghanaians will punish the NPP severely come the next polls!

The major problem with the NPP is their arrogance and disrespect for minority (marginalized) groups in Ghana. The NPP sees the leadership of this country as their birthright, and anybody other than themselves, who is in charge of the country is not qualified and capable of running the country. And this is clear from their current misconducts. They still cannot come to terms with the fact that John Mahama, from the village of Bole in the Northern Region is the President of Ghana.

Insha Allah the majority of Ghanaians who voted for the NDC and President John Mahama will help them succeed in the midst of the challenges facing the nation. We cannot afford to go back to the old failed policies of the NPP that brought us here in the first place.

Mahmoud Jajah is a law student at the MountCrest University College in Accra, and an NDC Youth Activist.


Columnist: Jajah, Mahmoud