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The Political Prostitution Of Konadu ( Akwele Wang U ) In Retrospect

By Kwadwo Poku

On 12/21/2010, I posted a piece titled THE POLITICAL PROSTITUTION OF KONADU in responds to the launching of the FONKAR website. The broach of the piece was about the motive behind her potential candidacy as well as the subterfuge presentation of her website. After that piece I advised myself not to devote precious time on criminals who have been legitimized by a sham constitution, but rather focus on the fraudulent document that fuels our democracy. But the ignorance of the echelons of the NDC makes the piece worth revisiting. They seem to have the myopic cum panoptic believe that Konadu just woke up one day and morphed into a contestant. So here they are appealing to the criminal in chief who in actuality, is the contestant to convince Akwele Wang U (his wife) to drop out. What a risible notion There is a maxim which says YOU DON'T BEAT THE SIDE OF THE DRUM WHEN IT'S FACE LIES IN FRONT OF YOU. Below is the entire piece I posted concerning what the partners in crime are about.

The Political Prostitution Of Konadu ( Akwele Wang U ) Ghanaweb 12/21/10

Those of us who consider ourselves to be politically astute have known Junior Jesus to be a man who hungers and thirst not for righteousness, but for dictatorial power. You don't have to convert water to wine to know this truth. Just a little exercise of perspicacity will suffice in this righteous endeavor. When he left office in 2000, he tried dictating from the sidelines by summoning Kufuor to a series of meetings, all to no avail. so he rained insults. Fast forward to 2008. Mills becomes President and will not acquiesce to his buffoonery, so what is Rawlings the menace to society to do? He rains insults, coupled with a relentless pursuit of pillaging his Presidency. Now, this pesky man has come to terms of knowing he can't dictate by proxy, so he's chosen to politically prostitute Akwele Wang U (his wife) to become the next president. "Tofia Kwa"

About a couple of weeks ago, sitting agglutinated to my PC, what I saw on the Friends Of Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings (FONKAR) web site was not a Kodak moment but an eyesore, to say the least. At first blush I thought she was auditioning for an African movie slot, but after gazing steadily with my lens on, what I saw was a bastardization of the highest office in the Republic of Ghana. An elderly woman approaching senior citizenship, foisting her bankye stick of a body into a seeming impossible youthful package, for political market! What an eyesore. Folks as a passionate proponent of democratic tenets, I would have let this slide, but what really called for the authorization of this article is the subterfuge presentation of Akwele Wang U's Presidential bid. We were made to believe the cultic moron and his wife were unbeknownst to the launching of the web site. That is a fish story, and it's to be preserved and told to their unborn grandchildren. If you've visited the site, one thing should arouse your suspicion, that is, all of the 14 slides of pictures are current. Not a single solitary one was delved from the archives. Therefore Akwele Wang U purposefully posed for the camera pro hac vice (for this occasion only).

FONKAR would have resulted in using antiquated pictures for the site, had the partners in crime not been at the helm of affairs. One more thing of great import is the fact that the site was launched at the time the couple were away for the Surinam Independence celebrations, just to give credence to their stratagem. Does this sound familiar? Do you recall of the whereabouts of the cultic moron when their Ridge residence was ablaze? Folks the modus operandi of these corruption infested political has-beens, are so predictable. To tell you the truth, I had been fructified with this article since the launching of the web site but I decided to have a wait period to see if they will dash to the podium, denounce the FONKAR organization and throw their support on Mills leadership or simply release a statement through a spokes person, distancing themselves from FONKAR. Because on balance, that is the right thing to do. But you see, I waited in vain. I also expected the upper echelons of the NDC to come out with some press release at least, but their silence is indicative of their fear of the toothless dog who prides himself as the titular head of their party.

Before I deal with this pest in the next paragraph, let me parenthetically remind you of the political/tribal tensions that went unchecked and the results they yielded in Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Sudan, Ivory Coast and you can add more to the list. I don't want to sound like a prophet of doom, but there is this traditional maxim which says; if you don't know the face of death, look at a sleeping person. What happened in these countries should teach us a lesson. This criminal, who admitted putting to death innocent lives in a BBC interview with Zeina Badawi in 2005 is setting the stage for the demise of our democracy and he is doing so as a result of his voracious appetite for dictatorial power. He doesn't have the nation at heart, let alone his party, so he pimps Akwele Wang U to challenge Mills for the flagbearership of their party, whiles caring less about the potential disintegration of the NDC. From day one this couple have surreptitiously orchestrated the pillaging of the structures that holds Mills presidency, and they are at the moment working the delegates by making Mills health an issue.

Rawlings let me tell you something, don't think you are invincible. You are what you are today because of the stupidity(s) of some Ghanaians and the incompetence of our lawmakers who are ignorant of the powers the wield as a legislative body. A serial killer like you, who's been favored by history and the magnanimity of Ghanaians, could at least reciprocate the favor by not meddling in the political currency of this age, but rather you have become a nuisance to your party and an embarrassment to statesmanship. You are so bent on approximating your eczema tattooed cross breed skin to the propinquity of the Presidency so much that it has culminated to the political prostitution of your wife. And that begs the question HOW LOW WILL THE UNREPENTANT WASTREL GO? Instead of seducing your worshippers by prostituting Akwele Wang U ( whose back side could benefit from your bloated stomach should you decide to deflate it), why not pick an AK-47 and tell us you and your family are entitled to become the perpetual leaders of our Republic. What a buffoon this mental midget is. Your disloyalty to Mills leadership is born out of greed, lunacy and your ownership of the Ewe vote. So sad that the entire Volta region have allowed themselves to be used and abused by your duplicitous ways. Mills on the other hand has himself to blame. Instead of standing toe to toe to your stupidity by simply telling you to go to blazes, he continues to dance to your dunce.

Back in my second cycle institution years at Accra Academy, I overhead a junior define a fool as HE WHO KNOWS NOUGHT AND KNOWS NOUGHT THAT HE KNOWS NOUGHT. That is descriptive of this twerp. He is ignorant of his foolishness. He doesn't know he is a political charlatan. He reads about the Cuban Revolution and inflates his deluded mind with the notion that without him Ghanaians can't breathe. Oh Ghanaians, we have forgotten so soon. In the mid 80's when asked to return the nation to constitutional rule, he said and I quote; ' TO WHOM DO I HAND OVER ' meaning he was the only man qualified and groomed to lead the nation. And he still holds that idiosyncratic mannerism of entitlement view today. If not, can any of his worshippers explain why a supposedly founder of a party, help his hand picked flag bearer win an election, only to be back stabbing him from scratch? This is political assassination period, and it is only a man devoid of common sense, will dare stage this political theatre. I love Ghana very much and I am passionate about our new found democracy. Therefore with relentless pursuit, anyone who stands as an impediment or an anathema to our democracy, I will expose. The temperature of the political/tribal tensions in Ghana is heating up, one man is responsible and he is doing so by fanning the flames of divisiveness. The question is; WILL WE AS A NATION LET HIM? A word to the wise is enough As the new year approaches, my prayer is that, God in his mercies should open our eyes of understanding and endow us with the gift of sagacity. May he bless us and make us a blessing. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Kwadwo Poku N Y

Columnist: Poku, Kwadwo

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