The Secret of the Success of Kumawuhene Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V Revealed

Tue, 1 Sep 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V, the Omanhene (paramount chief) of Kumawu traditional area, has his success, fame and popularity increasing by leaps and bounds, since his swearing in. How overpowering they seem! Many a person is amazed at his fearlessness that conquers all the artificial, and malevolently spiritual impediments, purposely placed in his way by some callously greedy queen and her bunch of "create, loot and share" accomplices whose behaviour is redolent of the legendary Arabian "Ali Baba and his forty thieves"

For the record and future reference of all and sundry, please note the following. Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V, born as John Kwasi Oduro, has found great favour in the eyes of God. When he was in a foetal state in the womb of his mother, God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and earth and everything therein, knew him. He appointed, and ordained, him, at that very early stage of his human development, to liberate His (God's) people from the hands of a would-be wicked queen. This queen, disrespectful and avaricious as she would be, would put shackles on her subjects, intimidate and oppress them.

With his appointment as a liberator in God's own designated time, He (God) bestowed on him His abundance of unconditional favour and glory. Unlike that of biblical Sampson where his favour of being the mightiest of all was conditional; keeping his hair unshaven to maintain that glorious power, that of Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V is boundless hence his success, fame and popularity proceeding at a gallop.

Have there not been instances of spiritual attempts by some malicious opponents on his life? Have these people not taken him far and wide, thus, sought help even in India to see him dead? Yes, they have, according to God's revelations. However, God reveals to redeem.

I will not disclose any further information as the little hereby divulged to the public, and witnessed by them, is more than enough to give credence to my assertion herein made.

Does the bible not say at Luke 10:19 – "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you?" In the same vein, God has given Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V, a descendant from the matrilineal lineage of Barimah Tweneboah Koduah I, the originator of the Kumawu Koduah Stool, the power to defeat his enemies. This explains why all the evil machinations of "Ashanti Nana" and his cohorts, including Kumawuhemaa, are faltering at crescendo.

His bragging of being above the laws of the land as witnessed in a YouTube posting titled, "Is there any one man bigger", coupled with other bold, but empty moves to assert his Overlordship, although criminally, will not withstand the power of God in the form of His glorious blessings upon His chosen one, Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V.

The more his enemies form weapons against him, the more the weapons could not withstand. If God is on his side, who should he fear? Nobody!

My supplications to God have always been, "Please Father God, if it is truly that You have chosen your servant John Kwasi Oduro, now Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V, to be Kumawuhene, then who are these human beings trying to prove you wrong; thwarting your efforts and decisions?" Will you wait doing nothing while they claim authority over your servant for doubting-Thomases to question, where is your God?"

The above has always been my simple prayer to God. I believe no matter what the enemies of Kumawuman, in which case the enemies of Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V, do, they will never prevail. They will disgracefully lose for the whole world to witness it with their naked eyes or hear it with their own ears.

Lest I forget, Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V and his elders (sub-chiefs) swore the departing traditional oath to the late Kumawu Kontrihene on Thursday 27 August 2015, hours before his internment.

The entire Kumawuman citizens have rallied solidly behind Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V, all not by his own might but God's. This is how God works. God's promise to one may tarry but it will surely come to pass. This is the case with Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V who has seen loads of scheming against him by Asantehene, Asanteman Council, Kumawuhemaa, Nathan Kofi Boakye and their cohorts, but they have all failed miserably, because no human being has ever contested with God and won. They are now all awash in shame.

On Thursday 27 August 2015, a supposed powerful family member of the late Kontrihene who in complicity with Kumawuhemaa had desired to block Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V from executing his traditional obligations and last respect to Kontrihene, Nana Peprah Koduah IV, became a self-inflicted casualty. This is how God works in a mysterious way to bring about the fulfilment of his promises to individuals, let alone, those he knew and appointed for particular jobs while they were in their mother's womb.

Who is the alleged casualty? I will not tell you but phone to anyone you know in Kumawu to find out who the person is. It serves him right!

Will the enemies bent on harming Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V or his sub-chiefs learn a lesson from this publication? If anything happens, taking turns for good or bad, I shall not hesitate to inform the public. To know the late Kumawu Kontrihene, please go to YouTube under the title, "Asantehene involves in corruption". You will see him being jeered at by Asanteman Council.

In God We Trust.

I dedicate this publication to all those wishing the best for Kumawuman. May ye all be sharers of the blessings God has bestowed on his servant, Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson