The Shameful Attitudes of Some Ghanaian Women Living Abroad

Thu, 28 Jan 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

By this publication, I am in no way seeking to disgrace, but to correct, some Ghanaian married or co-habiting couples, especially those living abroad. I find the attitudes of some of them, according to information I become aware of, as often bandied about within some circles of the Ghanaian communities abroad, very weird and highly annoying.

Even though I am not a conjugal counsellor and do not aspire to become one, I shall spare a moment of my precious time to give advice to our Ghanaian women wherever they are, most importantly, those living overseas. Time is of essence to me, especially when it is now an election year where I need ample time to assist with the upcoming general elections to get incorruptible, dynamic and dedicated servants into power to salvage Ghana from the ravaging and spreading destructive official corruption that is doing most discerning Ghanaians' heads in.

I have been made aware of some Ghanaian married or co-habiting couples, especially the women, altering their sleeping position. What do I mean by this? Formerly, both the man and woman would sleep in the same bed with their heads facing the same direction, say, the north or the headboard side of the bed. All of a sudden, the woman may decide to change sleeping position. She will move her pillow to where her legs used to be previously and stick to that pattern of sleeping. As the man's head remains in say, the north, the woman's will be in the south. Each one's head will be facing (towards) one another's legs on each side of the bed.

Where do they learn this attitude from? It will not take long for the man to lose his sex life because he cannot be moving around each time he needs to have sex with the wife. When the man stops having sex with the wife, she will then start complaining to herself or her friends that her husband does not sleep with her. Yes, your husband does not sleep with you because of your assumed unconventional position of sleeping that his killed his libido.

From whom or where did some of the Ghanaian women living abroad learn this nonsensical sleeping pattern from?

Again, some women may out of the blue start to ask their husbands or conjugal partners to wear condom whenever he decides to make love to her. Where from this sudden change in habit which was previously not the case? The husband may have lived with her for several years with even more than one child resulted from their marriage or co-habitation.

Yes, we know and understand that when the woman is angry with her man for one reason or the other, they decide to wear trousers or tight knickers, (knickers in the sense as understood by Ghanaians back home when a man is said to be wearing their white knickers) into bed. This is excusable but not when they change the sleep pattern or ask the man to wear a condom.

Again yes, when the man sleeps around, one can understand the woman but not where the man is faithful to his wife.

When your woman start behaving that awkwardly, please sort out your marriage or else by the time you become very much aware of the situation, your marriage has gone up in flames!!!!!

Are these deplorable attitudes by our Ghanaian women not suggesting anything to us? Could they not be signs of a woman having an AFFAIR? I think so, but I am not 100% certain about that.


Arrange a marriage counsellor to help you put your marriage back on track or leave the woman to pursue her new love adventure until her new lover dumps her midway in their love adventure. Most Ghanaian women who have travelled the path of that bizarre journey are oftentimes abandoned midway through their journey. They then always seek to retrace their steps back to their old or previous love. Shame!!!

For other signs of the Ghanaian woman having an affair, refer to the underlying web link.

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If all your attempts to get your marriage in tatters resolved fail, kick out the woman from your life and in less than no time, she will regret saying to herself, "had I known is always at last" Oh man, just muster courage and move on with your life. Please do not take to drinking to ruin your life for if you do that you give the woman reasons to justify her shameful behaviour of having an affair with another man when she was still lawfully married to the other (husband).

Her new love will not marry her because he will say to himself in quiet, if I marry her, she will do the same thing as she is doing to her husband to me, thus, she will allow another man to sleep around with her as I slept with her while she was married. A brother in Canada once narrated a story about the infidelity of a Ghanaian woman called Adwoa. He said, "Adwoa me suro wo gyem fite" – a sign used by a married woman to signal her new love that her husband was around. She would be fanning her coal pot embers like crazy to alert the new love that her husband was at home so he should not come but just go away. When their marriage broke and the new love married her, he was always worried when he saw Adwoa fanning the coal pot hence said to her, "Adwoa me suro wo gyem fite" even though she was not involved in any further extra marital affairs.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson