The celebration of June 4th is a travesty and must stop

Sat, 4 Jun 2016 Source: Edusei, Eric

In the midst of extreme corruption, looting and blatant stealing of the state resources by the NDC operatives, surrogate of the PNDC who were managers of the Revolution, why should they continue to celebrate the fruitless June 4th Uprising to provoke the citizenry . The history about the uprising has been very painful and pathetic with bad memories. Besides, the sacrifices Ghanaians made have been unrewarding in view of the current wave of unprecedented corruption in the nation’s history. Lo and behold, if there is the need for house cleaning in our nation, then today is the opportune time considering the upsurge of economic crimes unmatched by factors which precipitated the 1979 Uprising. What spirit drives the former Head of state, President Rawlings to celebrate the June 4th Uprising which gave birth to NDC, an institution of vampires, tricksters and looters of the nation’s resources? I can understand his frustrations based on the sacrifices he and many others genuinely made to ensure sanity in our governmental machinery and socio-economic setting, but is it wealth anything now? I personally find it intriguing to see Cadres (old soldiers) who have been misused and fooled for years, still hanging on to the ideals of the June 4th movement, beliefs which does not hold water in today’s leadership characterized with looters. I am surprised that any reasonable and conscious person who calls himself a cadre would backing any program in support of a philosophy that was dead on arrival.

People should take stock of the June 4th Revolution, its atrocities, dividends and evaluate the relevance if any of the uprising in this corrupt nation. In principle, the uprising was about ensuring accountability and probity which was excellent for our nation. However, down the road, it assumed a different philosophy and character which sought to enhance the dominance of certain tribes. This twist happened when the process was hijacked by certain personalities who perpetuated tribalism and nepotism giving prominence to Ewes in our political discourse from PNDC to NDC 1. However, in NDC2 under President Mills and Mahama, the same agenda of tribal supremacy was practiced with a different style; the tribal prominence shifted from Ewes to the Northerners who occupy almost all the vital positions in our nation as we speak. This myopic and skewed agenda of NDC has divided and destroyed the foundation of our nation given responsible positions to many misfits because of their tribal connotations and political affiliation. How can Hon. Ablakwah supervise Professors? We need the best cream of Ghanaians to develop as a nation without relevance to tribal supremacy. Any person who is privy to the revolution would agree with me that the continuing celebration of this uprising will negatively impact our development and must be stopped for our own good.

I am grateful to God to be alive to witness the dividends of the June 4th Movement having witnessed most of the atrocities, the painful incidents, the tough economic life and the pain Ghanaians had to endure. It is disheartening to know that the same people who pride themselves with accountability and probity are the most corrupt people in the world today. The June 4th Revolution metamorphosed into the PNDC and NDC of today which has produced vampires and nation wreckers stealing the nation’s money with impunity as if there is no tomorrow( Gyeeda, Sada, Suba, Smarty’s, judgement debts syndicate etc). The irony is that people who commit and perpetuate these hideous crimes are shelved from punishment walking freely in the streets of Mother Ghana.

The NDC party has succeeded in destroying our beautiful nation by reducing us into beggars having saddled us with high tariffs ( between 100- 500% increase) in electricity and water bills, judiciary fees, car insurance policies, road tolls, fuel cost, school fees etc. In this turbulent period with a weak economy, most industries are folding up amidst layoffs. The youth of today are deeply troubled as job creation continues to crumble. Ghanaians, who are painfully over stretched with excessive taxes are struggling and dying like confetti’s in abject poverty,

How can a bunch of conscious people who believe in probity, accountability and transparency condone and support corrupt leaders to ransack the nation’s coffers denigrating the ordinary people of their rights to a decent living? Is that what “People first” concept connotes? How can people who call themselves cadres disregard the activities of nation wreckers (social democrats) who are stealing the nation’s money every day and night with impunity? How can any cadre wealth his or her sort vote for NDC knowing full well about their nefarious activities? Have cadres also compromised and become thieves also? It is hurtful but understandable because cadres have always been used by authorities to advance their own agenda. The only person who has stood firm to the ideas of the revolution is Hon. Martin Amidu; he is the quintessence of a patriot, showing dedication and loyalty to Mother Ghana. Martin is a unique character, a real model whose story should be told for the new generation to know that in the kakistocratic governance of the NDC, there was one good man among many who stood out clean and upright.

After 37 years since the advent of the June 4th Uprising, we have all been witnesses to many diabolical issues including the Merchant Bank saga with the Mahamas at the center stage. We all stood quiet as we supervised the dissolution and acquisition of the Merchant Bank to the admiration of the powers that be in Ghana. We have heard about the mysteries surrounding the acquisition of the presidential jet and the proposed investigation committee that the Mills Administration established to no avail. Is there a living soul in Ghana who is not aware of the create, loot and share syndicate with Woyome’s case and NDC legal Team in the center stage. Shamest thou conspirators ! . Are Cadres not aware of the way and manner Woyome fooled and swindled Ghanaians under the watch our State leaders? Are cadres not privy to the scandal in the Gyeeda secretariat involving kingpins like Messrs. Abuga Pele, Humado , Assibit and Apena? Roland Agambiri’s Asongaba just took $150 million for no work done. What happened to the $81 million Gold confiscated at Turkey? Did we hear the CP weird judgment debt on 94 million Euros; what about WATERVILLE, SUBA and ISOFUTON? Are the cadres following the weird stories about Smarty’s? Are the followers of June 4th Movement aware of Moses Asaga’s NPA rental property deal of $62,000.00 a month? Who owns that property? Did we hear what Owusu Bempeh said about Twum Boafo’s $3million savings in USA through UT Bank? What about the confrontation between Bisiw and her priest at the airport over millions of dollars some years ago? Are these the kind of laurels that the June 4th Movement sought to achieve? ‘We no go sit down make them cheat us every day ’

President Rawlings always exhibit emotions on issues which is fine for his sense of patriotism; but the reality of the situation is that his own party is mismanaging this nation under his watch. As we speak, Ghana is ranked last in Governance in the sub-Saharan; what do you expect when we sit down unconcerned as the country’s NDC leadership spends supposedly 29million Euro on a 1 ½ kilometer runway with lights at Kumasi Airport including some few retrofitting? How much did Obuasi Gold Mines spend on their entire airport which is better than the Kumasi Airport? Less than $4 million!

Now we have debased the philosophy of the June 4th Movement by our own actions and inactions, and created maniacs with shape teeth, who go about insulting everybody who opposes them including the elderly, noble and the clergy. We have corrupted the economy to the extent that people have lost their sense of reasoning and appreciation of decency, the expected moral qualities for human growth. In the end, what started as a process to ensure growth, fundamental fairness through accountability and probity has become a farce. It is a dream that could not materialize because of apathy, greed, tribalism and selfishness. Everybody, top down is stealing from the nation’s coffers from different angles; many through over- inflated and shoddy contracts while our Parliamentarians look on unconcerned.

Government officials like DCEs engage in sole-sourcing for the award of contracts conniving with officials of Government institutions like Urban Roads and Highways to inflate contracts figures and later consult their clients for their kick-back. There is no competitive bidding again in Ghana due to corruption and greed. How can our nation survive any good policy in the midst of physical indiscipline? Today, we are paying interest on stolen monies by our leaders in both civil and political arena to the detriment of the nation. Cry our beloved country, Mother Ghana, the “Garden of Eden”. A nation created by God with all the important natural endowments including black oil, yet we live in poverty as if we have no brains. What a piteous spectacle!

Ghanaians did not learn any lessons from June 4th Revolution since our leaders are committing outrageous crimes of unimaginable scale. As Victoria Hammond indicated, she wanted to make some few millions of dollars and leave; Bissiw’s Priest was apprehended at the airport because he was trying to abscond with some few millions of dollars in trust for her. How could a simple one and half kilometre runway and few modifications cost 29 million Euros ($32 million)? Where is the accountability and probity when we all remain blind to the numerous corrupt activities in the nation? How can a nation spend less than GC1miliion on capacity building in 2011 and shift gear to spend GC65 million the following election year? Cadres of the June 4th Movement should quiet down and allow the few gurus like Martin Amidu to celebrate the real occasion because they have failed the nation by allowing disgruntled people who do not understand the movement to assume control. How can they in their right senses vote for NDC, a Party that has virtually ruined our nation through mismanagement? NDC has destroyed this nation and wounded the hearts and souls of many Ghanaians. Is there any life for our youthful generation? I don’t think so under NDC continuous rule.

I would entreat cadres to recoil to their shelves and stop their agitations because they do not matter again in the NDC structure which has corruption inscription as its banner. Where was President Rawlings when the Mahama’s manipulated the system and took Merchant Bank from Ghanaians; was he alive when Ablakwah, Betty, NDC legal team and cronies depleted the state coffers by supporting certain bodies to dupe the nation with frivolous judgment debts? This is no longer about “we no go sit down make them cheat us every day’ slogan; it is about a new era of different people with different beliefs and ideals which centers on the ‘Each one for himself, God for us all” philosophy. Loyalty is an honorable thing but it can be wrong when it is built on deceit and falsehood.

Why are we celebrating June 4th Anniversary? Is it to insult the masses or participants of the movement who were deceived into believing in a philosophy which did not exist? The ideas of the June 4th Uprising was a hoax because it could not be sustained as the leaders themselves who benefited immensely. Besides, it created a lot of animosity and propelled tribal sentiments giving more prominence to Ewes which continued through to the end of NDC 1. As to be expected, NDC 2 carried the same agenda on ethnic supremacy but this time they gave more attention the Northerners denigrating the Ewes of their lead role. Now in Ghana, all major positions are occupied by Northerners breaching the directive principle of state policy on ethnic balance. This tendency spearheaded by the leadership can create unnecessary tension in the nation since the most dominant tribes are virtually neglected.

I feel pity and sad for cadres of the June 4th Movement because they have been fooled for a long time, living in poverty whilst their leaders thrive in opulence; they have long been neglected by the NDC Party because their beliefs appear too dangerous for the looting brigade. They should ask Asiedu Nketia the kind of car his son gave to his bride on their wedding day in kumasi? I am sorry but the truth must be told, their belief does not exist any longer in the NDC whose operatives are bewitched with the creation, looting and sharing of the national cake. They have a right to be part of the problem or the solution to Ghana’s problems; NDC as a party is a menace to Mother Ghana and no thinking group or individuals should dare associate with them because they lack values, believing in corruption, tribalism and nepotism which are inimical to our growth. It is time for cadres to think deeply and abound their current ship and associate with another party of their choice. Truth is unavoidable like the law of gravity. God saves Mother Ghana.

Mansa Musa the great , VA USA

Columnist: Edusei, Eric