Mahama still cries over defeat

Mahama President Sllssds Former President John Dramani Mahama

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 Source: dailyguideafrica.com

Former President John Mahama is at it again. Sulking over spilled milk, specifically the polls he lost humiliatingly after throwing everything into the exercise, is assuming seemingly psychotic dimensions.

He is oblivious to external reality: why he lost, how he lost and related stuff, are beyond his thoughts. He appreciates these differently from the rest of us.

He is ready to verbally attack anybody he suspects of being against him today or during the political campaign season. Anybody who shows up on his thought path is a fair game for attack.

Nobody is spared his verbal venom but himself. Some electoral losses can lead to a form of psychosis depending on the volume of shock. It is this state which makes him think that another shot at election could land him into the hot seat of the presidency. He could have known better that things have changed since he departed the helm and still changing.

Each elapsing day brings with it fresh evidences of the defeat-engendered psychosis: for the media, especially newspapers, it is the source of catchy headlines.

Although he is not a motivational speaker, he has turned to talking with a view to convincing Ghanaians that he was not after all as incompetent as Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia painted him.

Of all the things the Vice President said about the regime of the Bole man, none pierced his skin as ‘incompetent Mahama’ did hence his incessant reference to it.

If the tag pained him as it draped his neck as an albatross, it was Ghanaians who allowed themselves to be convinced by the then running mate which hurt most – it can be deduced from his non-motivational talks.

At the time the tag was put around his neck, he did not appear to consider it an electoral assassination until now. In fact his own party faithful have not been left out of his string of attacks: he thinks that they have bought into the ‘incompetent tag’. We think that he expected them to have done better at countering it.

NPP used propaganda to oust him he has also said; something which is baffling. His party has perfected the art of propaganda so well that NPP can never come near outwitting it in its application of the advanced ruse.

The ‘unity walk’ series have not lived up to expectation so former President John Mahama has adopted the ‘motivational talk’ alternative. That too is proving to be counterproductive because of his inability to control the inconsistencies inherent in such remarks.

From attacking the free SHS to blaming everybody but himself for allowing the incompetent tag to stick and a so-called NPP propaganda, John Mahama is definitely facing an uphill task he cannot surmount no matter how hard he tries.

Times change and when they do, players on the stage of whatever aspect of human endeavour they are engaged in must adjust accordingly. Relishing a past glory or even feeding on the lies served by those who benefit from the available funds is a faux pas which he would discover when the day is over and soon when another face shows up in their party.

Columnist: dailyguideafrica.com
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