The father we want

Frank Blue Counsellor Counsellor Frank Adofoli

Sun, 19 Jun 2016 Source: Counselor Frank Adofoli

We can't talk about fathers, celebrate fathers and forget about our great grandfather Adam. A noble man, a man whose wife caused him his life yet he still loved and stuck to her till the end of their time.

He didn't abandon his family when times were worse. If there is something men need to learn today, we can learn from Adam never to leave our family no matter how the journey gets tough in life.

For a father to give birth and abandon mother and child means such he is sick and needs an overdose of love. Just as I learnt from the college of Education, we have what is called special child who needs special attentions; such fathers are called special fathers and need special attention and love.

Per our default nature as men, we were created with love by a loving God, we are created to serve, that's what makes us happy; serving our family, friends, society, etc. The true happiness we seek depends on what we can give, not what we can get.

No wonder a father who didn't give or contribute anything towards the upbringing of their children are the miserable ones.

Every man out there, needs to know that to become a father goes beyond impregnating a woman; it means you are ready to become a role model, a good example for another person. Any father who expect their child to be as good as them needs to be a good man first.

One thing I have realized is that, lots of women want to be married but don't know how to be wives or how to be mothers. As a wife, you are also a mother; you need to know you are not just raising a son. You are raising someone's husband and someone else's father.

Teach them love and how to care and love their family instead of reciting their fathers’ mistakes to them.

"Bring up a child by teaching him the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn away from it" - Proverbs 22:6 (NLV).

Fathers need to know "Children are a gift from God; they are his reward" - Psalm 127:3 (TLB). Don't expect God to bless you when you refuse to take care of the gift He gave you.

For all the loving, caring, responsible fathers out there, God bless you. Your cup will never run out of favour happiness, good health and long life.

For all those who have been hurt, denied, neglected, rejected and abandoned by their fathers, please forgive them; release them from your heart and welcome peace and love.

It takes just a blink of an eye for everything to change; So as far as your father is alive, give him that call now. You may never know when you will ever have that chance again.

Bear this in mind; you don't get paid for holding bitterness or hatred in your heart, or for being miserable. So why don't you stop working for free? In conclusion “Honor your father and mother, that you may have a long, good life in the land the Lord your God will give you" - Exodus 20:12 (TLB). Happy father's day to all the Dads.

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Columnist: Counselor Frank Adofoli