The genesis and pathogenesis of June 4 uprising

Mon, 4 Jun 2018 Source: Raphael Derbie

It is historically significant for us as a nation, to remind ourselves with some vitally important incidents that happened in the days of men when Ghana could boast of great and prolific leaders who were brave, commonsensically inclined and visionary towards the development of Mother Ghana.

In fact, they were committedly and dedicatedly deep-seated. It was this deep-seated selfless spirit coupled with their uncommon visions that propelled and incessantly invigorated them to pursue the progress of Mother Ghana. It is indeed justifiably justifiable celebrating these illustrious sons of the land. It is also significantly important we organise programs especially on these fateful days these leaders selflessly and bravely commenced their fight for better Ghana such as the June 4th Episode by Flt. Lt. J. J. Rawlings to educate the present generation. It is enormously pertinent the core values of June 4 are preached vigorously to the current generation. These values are inevitable for our never-ending desire to see Ghana developed like other developed countries.

It is in the light of this that the 39th Anniversary Celebration of June 4 Uprising being held at Medina Social Welfare School Park in Greater Accra Region with the Theme: "Reorganising towards the core values" which are Probity, Accountability and Truth.

Hitherto the June 4th uprising, Jerry John Rawlings attempted coup d' tat on May 15, 1979 to organize a confrontation between officers and men to flush out corrupt elements within the Armed Forces, proved abortive.

The aforethought of Flt. Lt. J. J. Rawlings with some few non-commissioned officers and men embarked on implementing the idea of 'Social cum moral house cleaning'. Unfortunately, luck eluded them as they were arrested and court marshalled.

However, the biblical quotation that all things work together for our good, manifested itself. As we often say, every misfortune is a blessing. The arrest of Rawlings therefore turned to accord him the chance to openly conscientise the officers and men of the Armed Forces, as well as the civilians who were present during the trial, to learn of the actual situation within the Armed Forces.

The plausible views of Rawlings attracted applause in the court. He unreservedly accepted total responsibility for all that had happened, not exempting the May 15, 1979 attempted coup d' tat. This was how bold, brave and brilliant Rawlings was. Because of his good intentions to propelling the speedy development of Ghana, he championed the 'house cleaning exercise' and God paved all the ways to ensure the materialisation of Rawlings' agenda.

Surprising but interestingly, men and some junior officers who shared the philosophy of Flt. Lt. Rawlings, ransacked the prison cell of the "prison head of state in waiting" in the early hours of June 4, 1979 and whisked Rawlings to the studios of the only Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) to make a Nationwide Broadcast of his intentions. That was how daring he was to saving our Motherland, Ghana, from corrupt, greedy and parochially motivated people as of then. This bold and brave man is still alive and kicking while all the core values of June 4 are thrown into the ditch. You can imagine his disappointment at the current state of the country he vigorously fought for and the tangent it's going. I wish he had the chance to re-enforce these values to clean the mess in this country. Democracy has actually failed Ghanaians and that remain my opinion.

After Rawlings have been whisked to the studios, it was apparently registered that another military take-over in the political history of mother Ghana had happened. This, according to Kojo Yankah... the Broadcast run thus: ... "This is Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings..." The ranks have just taken over the destiny of this country". Rawlings pleadingly pleaded with his fellow officers and civilians as well not to make an attempt of impeding their vision.

He said, "Fellow Officers, if we are to avoid any bloodshed, I plead with you not to attempt to stand in their way because they are full of malice hatred. We have forced into them through all these years of suppression. They are ready to get it out; the venom that we've created; so for heaven's sake, do not stand in their way. They are not fools. If you have no reason to feel guilty do not move". He quickly assured them that, "The Ghana Armed Forces will be handing over to civilians in due time. Elections will still take place but before the elections go on, justice which has been denied to the Ghanaian worker will have to take place, I promise you! You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. There is no middle way... “

I personally like the statement above and will want to juxtapose that era to the present state of Mother Ghana. The question I asked is that does today's Ghana requires this type of leadership? If yes, then I'm vindicated in my earlier statement on the unhappiness of this great man presently because of the country current state.

Godly speaking and in all sincerity, don't you think democracy in Ghana has outlived its usefulness? Will you side with me that the corrupt and inhumane acts in Ghana today is more caustic and downright offensive to the civil sensibility of the Ghanaian populace than in the 1979? But let me quickly make my stand clear, I am not by these questions advocating for military rule but will do so if the odds remain unabated. Suffice it to say that the debilitating effects of these odds are exceptionally excruciating.

Enough is enough!

I personally think that Ghana is entrapped in a restless relentless consumerism where materialism becomes the new religion; money the new God. Hence everybody including our leaders are unrepentantly craving for the new "God" (money). But let me remind Ghanaians that it was this same unrelenting desire for materialism that brought forth the June 4 Episode.

So, I holistically think that occasions like the June 4 uprising should be consistently and widely celebrated to cause Ghanaians especially the leaders to rethink and come out with a clear carve out measures that will help in the realisation of the aims and objectives of this episode.

Let me therefore remind leaders of this country that the likes of the former Chairman of the June 4 uprising, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, are monitoring closely and will one day, spare no efforts of theirs in overhauling Mother Ghana.

In conclusion, it is historically prudent we keep celebrating this important day in Ghana to commemorate the historical antecedents of this country that have been the very foundation for the progress of Mother Ghana. That is the only sure way that will cause us in no small measure to sit back reflect, rethink and reconsider our ways of doing things. I rest my case with this axiom, the downfall of a man is his inability to remember where he is coming from.

Columnist: Raphael Derbie
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