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The independence of 'Western Togoland'

Togoland Separatist Dream Secessionist group demanding independence from Ghana

Wed, 14 Oct 2020 Source: Kodzo Guiho

Freedom is good. Independence is a great idea. It is good to fight for your rights. It is honouring to die for a worthy course. It is necessary to learn the history of our Homeland, appreciate its rich cultural values and preserve and transmit same to generations yet unborn.

It's godly to seek the interest of the land of our birth and where lies the graves of our ancestors. The Ewenyigba (Eweland) is our Homeland. I speak E?e. I write Ewe. God willing, I will bequeath the same to my children.

However, in my opinion, the call for secession or separation or territorial independence from Ghana is needless now. The world has even entered an era of globalization, not segregation. Even if Africa becomes one big country, we can still achieve the development and prosperity of our Eweland, if really we mean well for our Homeland. Our freedom, peace and prosperity must not necessarily come from being separated from Ghana. Let the separatist groups cease-fire, for God's sake.

What sphere of Ghana's life hadn't seen an Ewe man or woman rising to the top? Politics? Education? Law? With my limited knowledge, I can name a few like Kotoka, Gbedema, Rawlings, Philip Gheho, Ephraim Amu, Doe Adzaho, Tsatsu Tsikata, Anyidoho, etc. We have had or still have the opportunity of serving as Heads of State, President, MPs, Speaker of Parliament, Chiefs of Armed Forces and other security, astute lawyers, Vice Chancellors, Pro-VCs, Heads of Departments and seasoned lecturers of universities, musicians, artisans, teachers, etc. We're everywhere. But as Shakespeare puts it, "The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings."

Assuming Western Togoland gains independence today, what difference will that make? We'll have our own country, our own government, our own currency, our own banks. And then what? I think the underdevelopment of the Volta Region is more an Ewe problem than it is a Ghana problem. How sure are we that after independence, there will not be another superiority struggle among the Anlo, Asogli, Gbi, Tonu, Akpini and the Guans in the Volta land?

My humble advice to Eweviwo & Eweduko

1. Let everyone abroad who believes in the prosperity of the Eweland come home and establish factories, industries, companies, institutions in the Eweland and, if he or she wishes, employ only Eweviwo to manage such establishments. The government of Ghana can't and won't prevent that.

2. It's being rumoured that some European country(ies) is/are behind the Western Togoland secession. If it's true, then those Eweviwo who have direct link with such nations should ask them to rather come and invest in the E?eland. That way, the Asogli guy may not have to go do galamsey in Asanteman and be "insulted" as being non-Ghanaian. (Pls let the people in Asanteman not misunderstand this point and feel offended. "Asogli", "Asanteman", "galamsey" are used figuratively pls).

3. The young men and women of E?eland, please, open your eyes, else you may be used by a few selfish guys in high places for their own interests. I can even perceive some unsuspecting opportunists taking advantage of this ''independence struggle stuff'' and committing crimes and blame it on Western Togolanders. Wise up, please.

4. Use your energy to rather demand development from politicians who seek your votes. Go on demonstration against those who promised us development but failed us. How many years have we as E?eduk? voted for NDC? 16 years plus the PNDC years. How many years now since they started promising to work on the Eastern Corridor Road? Who were Ministers of Roads and Highways in the then NDC government? The NPP has been in power for 12 years too. Though politics have failed us, let's hold the politicians accountable, not asking for independence. For our own kinsmen have been in government but couldn't help.

5. It's common knowledge that God, the Creator, has bless the Ewe blood with high intellect and morality. Human Resource is the highest and most valuable than all other resources. If we can begin using our God-given resources prudently, whether Ghana government provides the Eweland with resources or not, our Homeland will be great:

(a) We do not need independence before we can develop the beautiful tourist sites in Eweland.

(b) We don't need independence before we can establish Ewe movie industry in Eweland.

(c) We don't need independence before we can start leaving the diaspora to come home and build infrastructure in Eweland.

(d) We don't need independence before Ewevi will stop pulling each other down or killing each other spiritually.

(e) We don't need independence before Ewevi will start taking their family and friends abroad.

(f) We don't need independence before building shopping malls, big hotels, magazines etc. in Eweland.

(g) We don't need independence before we begin being proud of our language and cultural heritage.

6. Teach your children to speak and write Ewegbe even if they're born in Kumasi, Accra, Tamale, Jerusalem, Tokyo or wherever. The Jews are like that. They're hated wherever they go, but they keep their identity and keep growing stronger.

7. Ignore the few ignorant or mischievous individuals who refer to you as Togolese. Often, your presence intimate such people, and the earlier you realized that and used it to your advantage, the better. Our relatives are in Togo anyway.

Be proud of your dual citizenship ????

Eweduko neno agbe tegbee!!!

Yehowa Mawu neyra Ewevi de sia le, le Aƒe kple gbe.

PS: There's more to this independence struggle than meets the eyes. I'll talk more on other aspects later.

Columnist: Kodzo Guiho
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