The need to call our men of God to order

Archbishop Duncan Williams Mic Archbishop Duncan Williams, the General Overseer of Action Chapel International Ministry

Wed, 3 Oct 2018 Source: Kunsari Saari A. Enbong

The role of religious leaders in every country cannot be underrated since they play a core role in promoting national peace, moral upbringing and spiritual intercessions to address omens that befall the country.

From the beginning of creation, God spoke to man through dreams, signs and His prophets. It is not for nothing that God made Joseph at hos time, the one who was able to interpret prophetic dreams.

We have in recent years been thrown out of place by the hit-or-miss prophetic messages coming from many of our religious leaders who claim to be men of God.

Many of them have predicted the end of the world which never came through. The gravity of pressure on people after hearing such powerful affirmations is great though the effect is usually hidden.

The current inclination of Ghana’s men of God is incongruous to development since they don’t only preach the word of God but have great interest in using prophetic messages to stage political campaigns. If the Holy God can give his servant a message on who can win election and who cannot win, usually between the two major political parties in Ghana, then that Holy God must be believed with a pinch of salt.

In 2016, the prophetic words of some religious leaders had a great influence on the decisions of electorates since our belief in religion and men of God is natural and palpable. Soon after the elections, such propagandistic prophetic messages continuous to visit the ears of Ghanaians which are uncalled for in national development.

Just a day ago, I found in the news that two men of God in Ghana are in a loggerheads over who wins 2020 Ghana’s general elections. It will only cost us if we incorporate the work of these men of God in our already polarized political system which is characterized by high cost of political campaigns and conation of unfillable promises.

The belief in supportive Prophetic messages to political parties will take us back to the ages where sacrifices were made to gods to get the will of man. The current trust and space we have created for men of God in Ghana will make our leaders to be visiting prayer camps to seek spiritual cover ups in response to alerts that their opponents are plotting their downfalls through spiritual consultations.

The involvement of men of God in active politics will inflict pain on the ordinary Ghanaian because our economic failures will be affiliated to spiritual causes which cannot be assessed by any means.

The work of men of God must be on organizing public prayers to alleviate the extreme hunger that many Ghanaians are suffering from. Their works should be silent prayers to avert any pandemonium that could besiege the country.

If our leaders are buying into these views and bowing before such self-acclaimed men of God, I am afraid the kind of leadership of the future leaders of our country. If we accept horns, rings, powered clothes from men of God to win political power, then the Jubilee house will soon be painted with root concoction with all citations at the seat of government being talisman and tails of animals as seen in typical traditional palaces.

As a country that aims at giving prosperity to posterity, proper utilization of our natural resources will help than following the mere words of colleague men.

Columnist: Kunsari Saari A. Enbong
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