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The political hypocrisy of NDC on the fight against galamsey in Ghana is unimaginable

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Sun, 9 Oct 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

Of late, as is usual, the NDC is coming out in their bigoted condemnation of His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and his ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, over their glaring inability to fight to overcome the havoc-wreaking galamsey.

Ghanaians, as known to talk too much but are complete failures when it comes to walking the talk, are out in their bitter voices calling on the government to muster the needed courage and accouterments at her disposal to unleash a fatal assault on the ongoing devastating illegal surface and alluvial mining, otherwise called galamsey, in Ghana.

Yes, it is true, the extent of the magnitude of the devastation wreaked on the water bodies, virgin forests, arable and fertile lands, and cocoa and food crop farms by the irresponsibly executed galamsey activities in Ghana.

Nevertheless, for the NDC leadership and their agents and assigns to pretentiously come out in vociferous demand to the government to exterminate galamsey from Ghana, amidst teasingly accusing her of incapability to fight galamsey is quite shocking to any discerning Ghanaian.

The NDC in the honest fight to rid Ghana of the uncontrollably destructive Chinese-driven galamsey in the country can perfectly be aligned with the biblical Delilah. This prostitute lover of Samson was with a criminal intent to have him captured and killed by his enemies, the Philistines, although, she showed outward concerns of love for him.

Any interested Ghanaian, as Christians or religious as most of you are, can read Judges 16:1-31 about how wickedly Samson was treated by Delilah. Outwardly, she showed love that was enough to trick Samson to reveal the secret about the source of his extraordinary strength. However, inwardly, she was seeking Samson’s downfall and death.

The NDC is not seeking the best interests of Ghanaians by joining of hands with the people to urge the government to fight the galamsey.

After their public condemnation of the government for not doing enough to fight galamsey, all in consonance with the public view, they secretly go back to the field to encourage those doing the galamsey to continue with their job without relenting. They promise to even give them more equipment and lands to do extensive galamsey if they voted the NDC into power.

The NDC can again be compared with the Akan proverbial bird called “Anomaakokonekone”. This bird is noted for always going upstream to muddy the water, then flies downstream to ask why the water has turned dirty” The proverb in Akan goes, “Anomaakokonekone, 3k3 atifi k3hono nsuo, na waba anaafo3 abebusa” That is NDC for you.

They are again like a double-split-tongued snake. A part of the tongue may be for enticing its prey by portraying it as good and friendly, while the other tongue may aid in the infliction of fatality on the prey. That is NDC for you. That is how the NDC is in the democratic dispensation of Ghana’s politics.

The NDC are shameless hypocrites who don’t have the collective interests of Ghanaians at heart but their selfish, parochial, and insatiably greedy aspirations.

Why will NDC go and give assurances to the illegal surface and alluvial miners as could be watched from the video below and still want Rockson Adofo and discerning Ghanaians to take them seriously when they come public to issue press statements in support of fighting galamsey and in condemnation of the government’s inability to fight the canker?

They are just a bunch of criminals; deceitful beings who are unworthy to lead the nation. There may be a few men and women of credibility in the NDC but the majority of them are not fit for any purpose. This is a fact!

Dr Kwabena Duffour can salvage the image of the NDC so vote him as your flagbearer but not former President John Dramani Mahama, the proverbial “atee” of whom the mighty ocean is not enough to cleanse it of its foul stench. – “Atee, 3se 3po anso madware”

John Mahama has never been satisfied with all the political positions he has fortunately held in Ghana and all the wealth he has both legally and illegally amassed. He still wants more!

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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