8 ridiculous reasons why I dropped out of University

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Fri, 30 Sep 2016 Source: sirarticle.blogspot.com

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Dedication --- To my cousin, co-hustler and road manager, Joseph Ernest Buah a.k.a Swagg Jay.


Yes, Sir Article is a 20-year-old university dropout, in fact, a very proud one. I dropped out of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) after my first year where I read Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) in Accounting. Many people have actually quizzed me about my seemingly ridiculous decision. Some people have also perceived me as a fool for quitting the university. And very few people surprisingly praised me for dropping out of university.

Well, I am not bothered by other people's diverse reactions because I am a maverick. I deliberately left school because my supreme intuition compelled me to, and so nothing or nobody could have stopped me. Besides, what most folks fail to recognise is that I am a rare breed; my kind of spirit is extremely uncommon, especially in our part of the world. Now let me give "ridiculous" (irony intended) reasons why I dropped out of university.

(1) To control my own destiny:

This is the major reason why I dropped out of UCC. My book "Control Your Own Destiny" has actually explained it comprehensively with 21 Chapters. Okay, my family wanted me to become an accountant one day because I read BCOM Accounting. Well, I am convinced in the depths of my soul that my destiny is in sync with my gift of writing and not accountancy. Therefore, I quit the university to control my own destiny by sacrificing my university education for my lifelong writing ambitions.

(2) To become a full-time entrepreneur:

I started Sircle Communications, my start-up writing firm, to devote my entire life to it in my lifetime. I strongly desired to be a full-time writing entrepreneur --- I emphasise "full-time." Sirclecom's vision statement which is, "Our vision is to establish a writing empire in the world" is too big to shared with academic studies; it needs my absolute commitment now. Yes, I cannot multiply my greatness by dividing my commitment. The higher my commitment, the bigger my greatness; the lower my commitment, the smaller my greatness.

(3) I hate the school system:

Ghana's school system is backward-looking in nature. To me, the whole thing really sucks. Even at the university in Ghana, undergraduates are taught what to think and not how to think. So I dropped out of UCC because there was nothing so special about the kind of education it offered me, to tell the truth. I also wanted to explore the unknown outside school, and not just be confined to a predefined style of thinking.

(4) To break the rule and set a new one:

Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Larry Ellison, Bruce Lee, Kanye West, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Holmes, Jan Koum, Tedd Waitt, Tiger Woods, Michael Dell etc., all dropped out of college in the US but have emerged mightily successful today. Most Ghanaians believe it is quite impossible to do same in Ghana. That is why I desperately wanted to break this rule and set a new one like the listed role models. I have broken the first part of the rule by dropping out; I am now striving to break the second part of the rule by becoming successful as a university dropout in Ghana.

(5) I believe in passion not a degree:

Let the following be one of my most popular quotes, "I dropped out of university because I believe the key to my success is my passion not a degree." In fact, I do not need university degrees or academic qualifications; they are practically worthless to me though priceless to many people. I can only become successful in life by dint of my passion, i.e. writing and not mere acquisition of certificates. All the mightily successful people on the global stage today have rare passions though most of them do not have higher academic qualifications.

(6) Financial constraints:

Frankly speaking, my family could not afford the university fees anymore because of financial constraints. So they advised me to go for a student's loan which I deemed illogical. That suggestion facilitated my dream of dropping out of university one day. At least, I saved myself and my family from later financial burden through the repayment of the student's loan if I had taken it. So this reason is just a mere facilitator while all the other reasons are the more important reasons.

(7) To practise rare self-education in my lifetime:

I know the following statement will sound cocky. I learn what many university students in Ghana do not know or understand. They study hard to pass their exams and get better grades. I read always, a lot, wide and unusually just to grow and develop my soul as a genius. I have always learnt unorthodox philosophies in several ways, and that is why I am exceptionally intelligent than the average Ghanaian youth. I am a certifiable intellectual because I practise rare self-education and not through any classroom lessons.

(8) I had completed my goal at the university:

I entered UCC to dominate as the rarest writer, which I did in my first year, so that I would later drop out to dominate the real world as a rare titan in the writing fraternity. Ha-ha, I personally never learnt in my first year in UCC and I was not really regular at lectures. Why? I was always obsessed with my writing potential on campus, so that I could make a difference as a writer. That was my topmost priority and not becoming a first-class student.

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