The saga of the stool, a teacher and a student

Nyaba Moomen Abdul Hayi Moomen

Thu, 25 Jan 2018 Source: Abdul Hayi Moomen


Strange things, very strange things have happened on our soil many, many times before today. A little over a market day ago, a young boy snuffed the life out of the very woman whose womb contained him for nine months. His mother's crime, for which she deserved the death sentence was that she had misplaced his phone's memory card.

Nyaba, we have heard stories of men inserting their tools into the behinds of other men, of women inserting toys into what nature intended to be for passing urine, expelling babies and accommodating men. We have even heard stories of men who were suddenly struck by the disease that causes the contents of their zippers to rise, who sought refuge in the behinds of she-goats to expel their liquid fire.

Recently we have even heard of dolls created by man to contest Odumankomah Naawuni's creation. These dolls have been given the power to meet the desires of perverts.

Nyaba, when one hears such stories almost on a daily basis, nothing else, no news can be too much for the ears. So, when recently, I heard of the student and the teacher who did what most people do in private, my only concern was whether or not the student involved was a minor. It turns out the girl is not so much of a minor, neither does she appear to be so much of a first timer, nor did her countenance suggest that she was doing the do under duress.

Until the news broke, the golden stool of Okomfo Anokye was perhaps the most famous stool in our chiefdom, but today, it appears a certain kitchen stool has stolen that fame, for all the wrong reasons.

An elderly man, who we are told is a headmaster in one of the schools in a community in the central region of our chiefdom, together with a young woman, performed the action not in the dignity of a bedroom and in the comfort of a bamboo bed or even Zana mat, but on a stool, showed no remorse as he appeared to move in and out, up and down, out and about and around the magic stool performing the dance reserved for married persons..

Was I shocked? No. However, I was sad. Sad that people don't seem to learn. It is bad enough to do bad. It is bad enough for men to insert things into the behinds of other men. It is bad enough to replace women with dolls, it is bad enough for a headmaster to sleep with a woman young enough to be his daughter. But what is worse is recording such acts. If you must sin, by all means, go ahead and sin but don's display your sin to us.

And what is worst, is the alacrity with which we all share such videos without pausing to think and reflect on just one question, "what if the young lady involved was my sister or daughter, or friend, or relative?

Social media has turned most of us into insensitive beings. And if you are thinking...... "oh my daughter or sister, or relative. or friend won't do such a stupid thing"...... just remember that in matters of sex, you can't even trust your own self.

Nyaba, I just received a notification on my phone, I hope it is not another sex tape.

Columnist: Abdul Hayi Moomen
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