The sports minister is a Hitler in administration

Nii Lantey Olympics Sports Minister Nii Lante Vanderpuye

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 Source: Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah

The sports minister,Nii Lantey Vanderpuye,is the most dictum and talkative administrator Ghana has ever had.After going through all the activities of sports ministers in Africa,l simply concludes that Ghana's sports minister needs to learn from his counterparts from the other countries.

He has totally lost it in-terms of the direction as to how to deal with the football matters in this country.

Nii Lantey,enjoys sharing administrative secrets on radio-more so against the Ghana Football Association than the work he has assigned to.

sometimes,l have this believe that Nii Lantey, only came to the ministry as a football minister because the other lesser known events have been neglected by his hobby of interfering with the work of football matters. l want to use this powerful medium in advising the minister to read from the Vanguard sports paper in Nigeria-about how the restructuring of their football is being done by only their football federation NFF, without even a cough from their sports minister who have probably same administrative duties as Nii Lantey.

All the so called- no foreign currency for the players salary,the players would be paid based upon the performance and the Black stars management committee bonuses saga- are all done by Nigeria football federation.The minister there hasn't be on radio on daily bases to talk about such things.He has his concentration only on the Nigeria contingent going to the Olympic games.Even Nigerian football is in crises yet the sports minister there doesn't interfere.

Nii Lantey, has totally deviated and he wants to prove to all and sundry that he is the best sports minister by exposing the FA as corrupt to the populace.There is no a single boxing ring at Sunyani coronation park to promote Boxing-no logistics for athletics in this country and instead of the minister to work on that, he is always on radio for unnecessary praises just because he is witch hunting the football Association.

The man needs to be taken out of office by the President, else he will kill the passion of the nation which is football.

Source: Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah