This Is Very Disgraceful

Wed, 19 Aug 2009 Source: Kasuli, Doobia Mahama

It is my belief that learning takes place everywhere and at every stage in our lives and man’s inability to reach near perfection has always called for some corrections and divergent opinions on issues. What is put out in the media is often deemed fit for public perusal and should therefore be capable of teaching our younger ones who-like us, are learners of the English language: which happens to be a second language to all of us.

My concern is about one Mr.Halidu Haruna, one of the aides in the Office of the Vice President of the Republic. This is a man who is always featured by his party, the NDC on almost all the Television Stations for their news paper review segments. This man is a complete disaster in the queen’s language-his grammar is shamefully porous. If the NDC has men of intellect I wonder why they will always send this man on our screens to disgrace himself and to miseducate the Ghanaian youth with his grammatical incoherencies. With all respect to Mr. Halidu, I would like to suggest to him to try to work on his grammatical pitfalls before coming over for these T.V. programmes don’t even know exactly what he does at the Vice President’s Office. Mr. Halidu is a fine gentleman whose grammatical inefficiencies will always lead him into discussing and appreciating issues with an abysmally low sense of objectivity and fairness. I will plead with the NDC to withdraw this

I am not a grammarian but a learner of the English language and I likewise stand for correction. In my attempt to bring this to the domain of grammarians, I may also have committed a mistake or the other: I welcome any criticism or correction to that effect.

Doobia Mahama Kasuli

Columnist: Kasuli, Doobia Mahama