Time is running out for Otumfuo and Mahama

Tue, 17 Sep 2013 Source: The New Free Press


Time is running out for Otumfuo,President Mahama to come clean

The New Free Press is not surprised about the response from the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu, his political allies both in the government and the opposition and the attempts by forces loyal to him to silence and intimidate the media. We utterly condemn the attacks on Kessben Radio and we stand in solidarity with all media houses who will rather stand on the side of truth rather than sell their consciences for 2 pieces of silver.

Some people like to call the current Asantehene King Solomon, well we beg to differ. We believe his character and behaviour is more in line with King Manasseh, a brutal and devious king who worshipped idols and brought the kingdom of Israel into disrepute.

We at the New Free Press know our lives are in danger. We will never be shaken. Unlike the cowards and bootlickers in the media who are on the payroll of President John Mahama, we are prepared to die to expose the naked subversion of constitutional rule and the rule of law in this country. We call on the Asantehene to bring his executioners to our offices at Kotobabi Abavana Down to cut our heads!

It is a fact that the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu was brought in by President John Dramani Mahama and Vice President Kwesi Bekoe Amissah Arthur to broker the last minute deal to pay Justice Sophia Adinyira,Justice Vida Akoto Bamfo and Justice Sule Gadbegbe 5 million dollars. We absolutely make no apologies for sharing this information with Ghanaians. It is up to our law enforcement authorities and our institutions of state to wake up to the dreadful conspiracy facing the nation and to join us to destroy this conspiracy which is in danger of destroying Ghana.

The Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu is the king of the Ashantis and we respect him. But he is not Allah, the most merciful whom we serve with all our might. Allah is greater and more powerful than a mere mortal like the Asantehene and we don’t fear him at all.

Kwaku Duah as Otumfuo Osei Tutu was known in in his private life has been a power broker and financial guru for the NDC through his business contacts in Canada and the United Kingdom since 1994 and since he ascended the throne, used several fronts and registered companies, including his Otumfuo Educational Fund, which can’t even boast of a single project to support the NDC .When he fell out with the late President John Atta Mills because he was incorruptible, he undermined him by supporting the former 1st Lady Nana Konadu’s Agyemang Rawlings bid to lead the NDC.

Otumfuo’s relations with President John Mahama go back to the 80s and 90s as he was a regular visitor at his house at Dzorwulu in Accra. He also had a brief affair with the late former NDC MP Madam Joesphine Tamakloe, mother of Mr Ibrahim Mahama who interestingly is the half brother of President John Mahama. We can say categorically that it was Otumfuo that lobbied for John Mahama to partner John Atta Mills for the 2008 elections and persuaded former President Jerry Rawlings to accept him reluctantly.

The axis of evil that currently hovers over the country also involves Nana Wiafe Akenten II ,the Offinsohene and close pal of the Asantehene,. It is not a secret that in the 2008 elections, these 2 chiefs, together with the Kumasi Toasehene instructed the then Regional Chairman for the ruling party ,Daniel Ohene Agyekum to bury 5 live cows at Beasease. Those involved in the burying of the cows include NDC youth Activist Brogya Genfi,UFP leader Odike, Deputy Youth and Sports Deputy Minister Joesph Yammin, Ejusu MCE Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh and Yaw Obimpeh, now NDC Chairman for Ashanti Region.

We have some major questions for President John Mahama, the Asantehene and all those who have doubts about our revelations.

1.Why did the Asantehene invite President John Mahama when he was then Vice President to the Manhyia Palace in October 2011 to discuss former President Mills state of health?

Who advised John Mahama to start preparing himself to be President because President Mills did not have long to live?

2.Why is it that the Asantehene after he convened the peace summit in Kumasi when he invited leaders of political parties ,decide to attend a secret fundraising dinner organised by Frank Adu, chairman of Cal Merchant Bank to support John Mahama at Anita Hotel that same evening?

3,Why will a chief of a great kingdom like Ashanti, decide to use a private jet belonging to Ibrahim Mahama, brother of President John Mahama to fly abroad with Kojo Bonsu currently the KMA boss for investors yet there is no press coverage on where the investment summit is being held ? Why are people complaining when we say Kojo Bonsu is Otumfuos errand boy and enforcer? who is having secret meetings with some businessmen to raise money for impending presidential primaries and the 2016 elections? Since when did the Asantehene become a government minister and errand boy for President John Mahama? are they not sabotaging and usurping Mr Haruna Idrissu, the trade minister and his colleagues who should be doing this on our behalf as ministers paid by us the people of Ghana?

4.Why is it that the judges who we named in our previous article as collecting the bribes have not come out to deny these allegations? Is the Otumfuo now their rock and their staff?

5. Who also bought Justice Atuguba’s ticket to the United States of America and in whose house is he staying in?

6. Why were there 205 telephone calls between Reverend Emmanuel Asante, Chairman of the Ghana Peace Council, President John Mahama, the Electoral Commissioner Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan and the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu between July 30th and August 27th 2013? We have transcripts from our reliable sources at the National Communications Authority to prove this and we will publish it all in our next edition.

7.Who called General Obasanjo in Nigeria to assure him everything was under control and why?

8.Who gave a direct instruction to John Mahama to appoint Georgina Amankwaa to be the Deputy Electoral Commissioner ?

9. Who is behind moves to get the Chief Justice Georgina Wood to resign so that Justice Atuguba could be appointed Chief Justice as a reward for what is termed a “good job done”? what job is this?

10. Since when did a Mole Dagbani and a non royal like Moro, become a spokesperson at the Mahnyia Palace? Are drug dealers and wee smokers now finding sanctuary at the palace where Nana Sir Agyemang Prempeh, Otumfuo Opoku Ware and other great kings once lived? Ohh Allah help us! I Alhaji Suraju Musah Mohammed is not an Ashanti, but I weep for this great kingdom which has now been reduced to being a slave to a pauper !

11. The Ashanti Region and the Brong Ahafo Region cannot boast of any infrastructure but these two regions contribute 40% of Agricultural output and have a labour force that can industrialise our country. Most economists have called for the building of an international airport which could create almost 200,000 jobs in the heart of the country. Who is prepared to knock some sense into these people especially Otumfuo who should be leading the way instead of using his time to help politicians to scheme for political power ?

12Why is the Asantehene always calling emergency meetings to discuss crisis involving his rule since he ascended the throne?

13.Can the Asantehene really tell his chiefs and hardworking people what really happened to the gold that allegedly got lost in Norway? We throw an open challenge to him.

14 it not strange that a lifelong supporter of Accra Hearts of Oak would be allowed to be the life patron of Kumasi Asante Kotoko? Who is the real cause of kotoko’s problems and who is asking for a share of transfer proceeds ? “Yene wo sere kwa” indeed!

It seems some Ghanaians have not learnt anything for our history .The gathering storm which could befall this country if we do not all come together as one people to stop the unimaginable conspiracy and corruption involving members of the clergy, muslim leaders, chiefs, political leaders of all political parties ,the media, civic society will not only swallow all of us but destroy our beautiful country.

We will be back with more revelations!

Alhaji Suraju Musah Mohammed

Managing Editor

The New Free Press

Kotobabi Abavana Down


Columnist: The New Free Press