To our nation Ghana: on suppreme court verdict

Thu, 29 Aug 2013 Source: Amoafo, F. K.

There has been some rant and rave of tensions and suspense ahead of the Supreme Court Verdict owing to the aberration of the delay by the Judicial Head of not necessarily what to deliver but how to deliver the message to all Ghanaians. There are some, unfamiliar with the method of the modus operandi, who have predicted war, whiles others have predicted “a shall be” injustice verdict from the justices. Factual or satanic? Every negative thought is satanic in origin. If Satan can confuse some people in this world through thinkers and scientists, predicting to the point that the world would end in 2000 (thirteen years ago) when some people around the globe were shivering with fright of fear, (as if these predictors hold their breath) then we should get the whole picture that such thoughts of war in our beloved nation, Ghana, is satanic in origin.

Nevertheless, it is not long ago, when we saw some people (like rebels) with weapons of civil destruction in front of Electoral Commission of Ghana, asking Afari-Gyan to declare results of the elections – as if there are no laws in this blessed land. Such rebels should have been arrested to serve as a deterrent to others avoiding any comparable future reoccurrence. If the leaders who have been voted into power are only concerned about their pockets and do not care about the nurturing of western civilization and growth, as well as the interest and the future of the people of Ghana especially, building solid and indispensable foundation for the young ones – please do not stir fear in them. What is the purpose of having leaders in our nation?

But I want you to believe in your heart that there shall be no war whatsoever the verdict may be. Do not let satanic thoughts enter your mind. Satan knows the potential power of the mind so he tries to incarcerate it so that he can capture the whole being for himself. However, there is only One Being in the universe who sees the end from the beginning, and that is our God in the three Persons of His being, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. From what we have seen thus far, it has been demonstrated that both Satan and man, by the very nature of their rebellion, had that short-sightedness which characterizes the creature and which is one of the proofs that our ways are not God’s ways and that our thoughts are not His thoughts (Isaiah 55:9)

Let me give one illustration to substantiate my purpose of writing. When human allies failed, Satan moved directly to kill the Son of God. On one occasion the Lord’s disciples were with Him in a boat on the Sea of Galilee. They had thought that there was not a wave that could be unfamiliar to them. But suddenly a storm of such fury broke out that even these hardened mariners were chilled with fright. They rushed to the Lord as He lay asleep in the boat and roused Him with cry of anguish, as they deemed themselves on the point of death, “Master, save us; we perish!” The gospel narrative states that the Lord arose at the call of the frightened disciples and “rebuked the wind.” Let the deniers of Scripture realize that if Satan were not behind the power of that storm, just like the risen tensions in the heart of Christians who are for peace, then the action of Christ must be compared with that of a child who, hurt by stumbling against a chair, begins to kick at the chair, crying out with petulance against it. But if we understand that Satan had raised that storm to kill the Lord Jesus, so that He might not live to go to the cross to become the Saviour, we see the whole pattern of these attacks, and understand the force of the words addressed to the storm, “Peace, be still” (Mark 4:35-41).

When The Lord on the occasion of His first public sermon announced the doctrine of salvation by grace apart from works on the basis of the sovereign will of God (Luke 4), the heart of man rebelled against it and turned easily to the enemy who would exalt the flesh. “But He, passing through the midst of them, went His way.” You are created by God for a special purpose which you have no idea: put your trust in Him alone, and no matter what the verdict may be, or life may be, “you, passing through the midst of them, will go your way.”

By F. K. Amoafo

Atlanta, Georgia

United States of America

C: 6785981478 E: famoafo@google.com

Columnist: Amoafo, F. K.