Tribalism is eating too deep into our society!

Mon, 6 May 2013 Source: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo

Will Ghana ever progress as a disciplined, directed and well-run society like the Western Societies we've all run to?

It is my firm conclusion that our nation is doomed: doomed to a coarse whose progress is unguided by any virtuous higher purpose, but by the course of mere primal nature.

Lord Lugard comes to mind here, regrettably. And I never thought I would ever agree with Lord Lugard on questions of the African's ability to manage and run a well-ordered society.

I have come to this conclusion, having watched a perfectly legitimate legal query posed by a person with an unassailable constitutional right to pose such queries, degenerate into a pathetic scramble to the murky bottoms of thoughtlessness and irrationality.

What are you apologists of Nana Addo afraid of? Are you afraid you might discover an unpalatable truth about your individual and collective selves? Or has something so scared you that uncomfortable rational discourse is the first you jettison in order to revert and reach out to base animalistic instinct? Do you placid tribalists have any desire or want to rise beyond your current state?

How terribly sad!

Is an Ewe not entitled by the constitution to bring suit to court to seek reasonable redress for any issue whatsoever? Is there anything fundamentally wrong with a man questioning the academic or professional credentials of another if he so wishes, based on reasoned doubt? Have not high profile politicians in Germany been removed from office and stripped of their titles because some individual had reason to questions their credentials? Do you now understand why the German society functions while ours has retrogressed almost to stone age levels since the white man left us a mere 50 years ago?

Most of you walk around here parading yourselves as holders of higher degrees and practitioners of well-regarded professions, but below that thin veneer of refinement lies a natural predisposition to disorganized existence, lack of self-control, lack of discipline, lack of foresight, and a primal apprehension of planned ends for your people. You meander pathetically through life, being victims of the ebbs and flows of the natural tide of life, never firmly in control of your surroundings and your future, attributing all that come your way to the will of the feared supernatural. And you capture it nicely in your local languages, as in FAMA NYAME.

Justice Kpegah has done our nation a favor, but like the fools we are, we can't comprehend nor appreciate it. Instead we have resorted to abusing him and Ewes because, as Lord Lugard says, we have little sense of veracity, our thoughts are ruled by our emotions and we suffer little from an apprehension for the future, or grief for the past.

Go on and abuse Ewes...please go on. Call any Ewe you know a tribalist. Please don't tell us that only your Ewe friends are not tribalists. They all are. They are all inward-looking; they never prosper and never do well in life because while Akans are busy building something for themselves and their families, their Ewe friends and acquaintances are busy practicing tribalism. Go on...we're listening.

Bunch of pathetic idiots. Are we really incapable of divorcing political opposition to Nana Akufo Addo from hatred for Akans? Are you telling us that if the man Akufo Addo suddenly become Buem or Krobo, those of us pursuing him would all quit asking the questions we're asking, or give him a pass on his questionable life, merely because he's no longer akan? How stupid can we be?

Let me tell you something: Whether the person accusing Addo of legal credential fraud was Mossi, Konkomba or Hausa, we would still go after your man - Akufo Addo. Whether Addo was Mossi, Krobo or Chokosi, we'd still go after him. We hold an unshakable conviction that he's unfit to lead Ghana and all legitimate tactics toward thwarting him are regarded as fair.

We are simply not ready to rule ourselves, for we have demonstrated neither the emotional fortitude nor the mental discipline to do so.

Henry K Allotey



Columnist: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo