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Underground sewage? Really? In East Legon?

Underground sewage? Really? In East Legon?

Tue, 25 Aug 2015 Source: Danso, Kwaku A.

Dear Mr. President,

There is no guarantee that your staff will ever show you this but at least I am doing my duty as a Ghanaian-American citizen who loves his country of birth and has invested heavily in Ghana and still does employ people here in Ghana.

His Excellency, it seems there is som progress in building new roads here in our part of Accra called East Legon but for God's sake this is not the kind of underground sewage I keep writing about! This is open gutters covered for a few days and already blocked and choked! It is a disgrace to civil engineering!

It is a disgrace indeed that despite half a century of Western education this is the best we can do by giving contracts to perhaps party favorites who have no clue what a sewage looks like and doing such shoddy work with our tax money! Why cant Africans ever emulate the beautiful societies we see when we travel! Why? Why the dirt? Why the exposed soil?

Please with all due respect don't be the leader of a country where even in the most affluent neighborhoods we cannot design and build nice clean sewage systems and keep doing the same old systems that breed mosquitoes and kill thousands of our people annually!!

As I write at night inside my house in East Legon my legs are itching from mosquito bites as I wait in the living room for the bedroom spraying to subside! And please don't tell me you and your staff did not study or remember basic health sciences and do not know how mosquitoes breed through standing water as found in open gutters.

I believe we can solve our problems as a people and we should stop disgracing ourselves as a people by doing wrongly what others have been doing right for centuries now by passing their sewage water underground!

Yes we can!

BTW I see some street names in our area and as I drive around and hope houses will be numbered also to create a property identification system as a way to plan and manage our nation.

Enjoy the pictures, His Excellency and honorables and friends.

Columnist: Danso, Kwaku A.