Opinions Sat, 3 May 2014

Unexploited Baggage of Would Be Aspirants

There go con artist Kyeremateng again, alongside Apraku and others in meadow that muddies the water! It was these same gangsters that ruined the Party in previous elections. If it is not him then the world is about coming to an end. It is each own childish and evil-doing that had cost the party the two defeats and they still cannot get it. Handsomeness does not bring change in the lives of the masses.

Rawlings' physical disposition never brought any change in our lives than pain and anguish. Kufuour's features do not come near that of Rawlings, but he gave us something to be proud and relish about as people.

What are observations under John Mahama with all the good looks he is associated with, are we not in distress?

Alan Kyeremateng, likewise Dr. Kofi Apraku are carrying unexploited baggage the NDC seeks to exploit in the event the NPP select any.

Their pronouncements, coupled with untruth from their uncouth sympathizers, especially their supporters who out of narrowness spewed all sorts of appalling derogatory vibes about Nana Addo was the source to the NPP defeats and they are at it again.

Many in the Party had ceased to have affection for any of them. They are advised to do soul searching of self to find out why their influence is waning and dipping in the Party. Their sympathizers are entreated to do likewise to find out why the once liked ALAN do not command that appeal.

All is due in part because their Alan abandoned the Party when most needed owing to his selfish ambition to the detriment of the Party's collective cause.

Age has more to do wisdom coupled with knowledge than knowledge of the young. It will be good to have Nana Addo have another chance than to have Alan, if for nothing at all he is most popular amongst them.

The “Unexploited Baggage”!

The unexploited baggage of Alan and Apraku which the NDC is yet to exploit, most us have no knowledge or do not know. It will be disastrous to start all over again. It is not worth the price to risk Alan, especially. Alan does not possess a healthy outlook in terms of his recent past with regards to his resignation.

Think about this, if you own a healthy strength of mind, then you are like the season of summer where there are no gray days, for everything is bright and warm. As one of the best character traits to own is a good frame of mind as opposed to a routinely bad attitude. We must understand that an environment can never be healthy and happy without constructive attitudes.

The ways essential internal attributes such as patience and tolerance are displayed are demonstrated by the behavior of language and actions. It is always true, if you don’t have anything good to say, you are a better person for not having said anything at all. Just to remind ourselves that, if you are in the company of someone who has no control of temper, it is better not to invite a confrontation.

People who are ill-tempered react to things in an irrational fashion. It is like the least little thing causes them agitation.

Concerning the panic-stricken NDC pitched voice about Nana, it stems from nothing than an irrational fear. The NDC has nothing to speak again against Nana Addo hence the worry. There is no longer a false baggage and false impressions to exploit. Nana Addo's is scary in their mind and sight, which leads to envying.

And what we must all realize is that, envy is thin because it bites but never eats. The problem with envy is that, our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy. Being envious of another is ignorance.

The bare truth is that whoever envies another confesses his superiority as enviousness slays itself by its own arrows.

Columnist: Akwah, Nana