Valerie Sawyerr's timeous bombshell and the need for a credible opposition

Dr Valerie Sawyerr Fresh Former Deputy Chief of Staff, Valerie Sawyerr

Sat, 12 Aug 2017 Source: Frederick K. Kofi Tse

For those of us who pray fervently against a one party state, we need a sound opposition. One that will keep government on its toes and keep voters’ faith in democracy. At least, the little training I have in economics makes me value competition.

In countries where there have been coup d’état and post-election turmoil, one missing factor is a weak and dishonest opposition party. Government becomes complacent and pompous when the opposition is weak as there is often no convincing force that is considered by the people as an alternative. So even if the National Democratic Congress (NDC), does not want power, its leaders should get serious and compensate Ghanaians for the wrongs they have done while in power.

But who born dog? While the Minority in Parliament is struggling to find a credible footing as a check against the excesses of government; and while Ghanaians are still wondering which candidate will be credible enough to lead the party in 2020, some elements in the party are working hard to further pull the leg of the party as it reinvents itself. These names are already in the public domain.

Dela Kofi made a lot of sense on former president Mahama's second bid in 2020, but I struggled to make head or tail of his rejoinder to Valerie’s opinion. Likewise, I support Mr. Martin Amidu on his outburst in the Woyome scandal, however, his last piece about Mrs. Charlotte Osei and some of his comments clearly bear malice and political watchers need not continue playing the ostrich about the bitter sentiments in some of his comments. The lawyer has a lot up his sleeve. He is not just a citizen vigilante?he might also be a "citizen vendetta."

I do not know much about Valerie Sawyer, but the woman "do all oooo". Doesn't Rawlings know that a septuagenarian must be giving nuggets of wisdom and proverbs as well as making amends with his maker through better human relations? Or what has he been able to change about corruption with his booms that mostly end in boomerang results? Didn’t he have the opportunity more than any head of state who governed, to change this country? For those who don't recall some of the abrasive criticisms of Rawlings let me help you with a few:" 'thieves', 'murderers', 'short man', 'autocratic thief', ‘cocaine dealers’, ‘Who born dog?', ‘Atta Mortuary man’, 'babies with sharp teeth' ", and it goes on and on and on.

I am sure Valerie meant no evil but to provoke the conscience of Dr. Rawlings and his men.

So how come the ‘booming camp’ cannot tolerate the ‘buzzing sound of an agitated’ anopheles? Have comments from the booming camp not infected the NDC with severe Malaria? Tso, nye bro!! What has become of positive defiance or positive deviance that is necessary for catalyzing social change?

I think Rawlings likes to control too much than he can hold. He also overestimates his personal contribution to Ghana's development. In Fact, Rawlings did a lot?good and bad. There was corruption during his reign. And I remember he lied and later confessed accepting money from Abacha. Rawlings said he accepted campaign funds from foreign individuals which he said generated a feud between him and Victor Smith. Yet, the flight-sanitation-lieutenant speaks like an evangelistic, Pentecostal-cum-charismatic Pharisee. I am not his fun; neither did I hide my disappointment in John Mahama. I believe no human being is indispensable and the earlier the NDC knows this the better. It is in the interest of political parties to rally around the needs and aspirations of the people and not powerful personalities.

I am not surprised that the NDC now wants to take a disciplinary action against members who expose the party to public opprobrium. Every organization protects its image, and Mr. Martin Amidu and the other pro-Rawlingses know too well that no organization would like its name to be dragged in the mud. Otherwise, the victim organization takes disciplinary or remedial measures to restore its image. Or how would Mr. Amidu or any of them run their organizations? With constitutional rights that damage the organization’s brand? What has Google, the tech giant, do in response to Mr. Damore’s harmless, sexist memo? A sack!

But whatever remedial action the party takes, all the sides must face this truth: Rawlings needs the NDC to keep his name and achievements afloat in the political space whereas the NDC needs Rawlings to rebuild.

Ghanaians await the implementation of the recommendations in the Kwesi Botwe's report in toto. We await the newly invented party that will be attractive to the middle class and student population. Nkrumah’s Ghana cannot wait for an NDC that would lead other opposition parties in keeping this government on very hot toes. And let’s not forget: the political climate requires credibility, less sycophancy and less insults.

By: Frederick K. Kofi Tse


Columnist: Frederick K. Kofi Tse
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