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Venom to the president

Sat, 18 Jan 2014 Source: Fatawu, Ayamga Bawa

We the sisssala east vigilante group would as matters of urgency like to convey this message to the office of the presidency. Sissala East vigilante group comprises of number unemployed graduates across the length and breadth of the district and as concerned group in the district would do everything to see to the development of it.

Mr. President we are highly disappointed in your reluctance to appoint a District Chief Executive (DCE) and we hereby issuing a three week ultimatum.

The vigilante group noted that the continued absence of the DCE in the Sissala East District has been hampering the smooth development of the area. We would also like to state emphatically that we would not permit or allow any self-centered interest to supersede the larger interest Sissala East District.

The whole situation emanated or stems from the struggle over who becomes the DCE among the party’s functionaries and Mr. President you should bear in your mind that NDC party is not and will never be bigger than the people of Sissala East District.

From the look of things the continuous delay on the part of the Presidency to appoint a substantive DCE has heightened or cumulated tension among the various interest groups.

Mr. President we are there for daring you we will take or employ undesirable actions or inactions that perhaps may affect or thwart the efforts the central government and its decentralized agencies if your outfit fail to heed to our distress call.

It is unfortunate there is a rumors circulating in the District that has the potential of affecting the fortunes of the NDC party in the district. In as much as we hold these sentiments a cross section of the people have attributed the delay in the appointment of a DCE to the rivalry between the camp of the former DCE who is now the MP and the camp of the constituency party executives.




Columnist: Fatawu, Ayamga Bawa