Opinions Thu, 4 Aug 2016

Volta politicians must learn from Eric Amoaten

Brong Ahafo ex-MP Eric Amoatin granted an interview after he was acquitted by an Accra court on the acquisition of false Ghana passport last week. He made significant remarks but these were blotted out from public attention perhaps by the infamous Monntie 3 issue.

I was impressed with his general countenance and show of magnanimity. He appeared unruffled and ready to start life anew without blaming anybody.

Significantly, he did not blame NPP for abandoning him. He did not blame NDC for political persecution.He did not accuse anybody of doing tribalism. He acted like a man. Kudos Amoaten

This must be a good lesson for politicians especially from Volta, who find themselves in similar troubles.

I dare say that, if a Voltarian politician had received no such hearing from the Ghana Consulate in USA trying to get a passport after that painful prison experience and later charged in Accra with the false passport acquisition under NPP government and gone into the kind of psychological torture experienced by Amoaten, there would have been an uproar in the country.

But with this case, the victim, Eric Amoaten is quiet, Brong Ahafo is quite. NPP are quite. That's maturity.

My interest is to advice Voltarians to eschew falsities and take responsibilities for their own acts and stop the lame invocation of tribalism as a strategic communal cover for their misdeeds, a practice which breeds unnecessary ethnocentric tensions in the country.

Typical examples are the recent remarks from the "apparent fugitive" Dzifa Attivor the resigned Minister of Transport and the older cases involving Dan Abodakpi, ex Minister of Trade, Woyome and Tsatsu Tsikata. The cat calls, barkings and yellings from the victims themselves, Volta chiefs, politicians, opinion leaders and NDC which followed the indictments were irresponsible and annoying especially as they sought to lambast the authorities for acting under ethnocentric sentiments.

That to me was cheap and irresponsible and must be discouraged in our forward march.

Ghana must make progress and all the various tribes must play a fair game.

The 'cry baby' postures from Volta must stop as it gives the region a bad name. Kudos to Eric Amoateng once again.

Charles Agbenu

Columnist: Agbenu, Charles