‘Votting On The Bases Of Competence And Not Party Line’

Tue, 23 Oct 2012 Source: Ali, Justice

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A strong and independent voice will surely speak out on behalf of the voiceless and for the rights of all who are vulnerable. Working in the communities and reaching out to the people in their homes and work places explains a clearer picture of their needs and the kind of help they need. All they need is for someone to be there for them in times of need/difficulties. They don’t really need much. Effective leadership does not necessarily require great technical or intellectual capacity. These attributes might help, but they are not pivotal. Good leadership requires attitudes and behaviours that relate positively to humanity. The concept of serving is fundamental to a leadership role. Good leadership involves serving the people. Ineffective leaders tend to invert this principle and consider merely that the leader must be served by the people like the liliaceous Madam Alijata Sulemani our NDC parliamentary candidate and must not be voted to represent us in parliament. We young democrats love to see transformations in our district. Anytime we want to have a change; especially one that will make our lives better, it requires us to believe that it can happen. We have to make a choice to have hope and to believe in ourselves and what we have set out to do. Most of us have found ourselves in places where we were on the edge of loosing something very precious to seemingly everything. I want to encourage you never to give up. Fight on, keep to your plan and don’t bow to any kind of pressure or feel dispirited. You are never a lost hope and let us keep the spirit high until we end incompetent leadership in our dear District. It would be a disgrace to NDC Sissala East fraternity, our society and the general public as a whole if a mistake is made to let her represent us in the august house (parliament). Gravely, we young democrats have no doubt in our minds that she is however, qualified and fit to be an MP in a constituency of prostitutes. She is just an amateur in the political terrain and her libido sycophant for men is unprecedented and has not got any strategic developmental vision for our District. I was intrigued and surprised when I first heard that libido madam Alijata Sulemani has been nominated to become our DCE and nearly collapse when again this evil won the NDC primaries.

Towards a new kind Politics - We young democrats are the people who hold the vision and have our District at heart and will ensure is being represented by a competent person not nefarious and nitwitted madam Alijata sulemani. It’s our time and we must be confident, strong, untimed and responsible to deliver a verdict of our own; a verdict we believe in. Let's act boldly now and the rest of the days ahead! We each owe it to ourselves to ensure we are active and relevant in this electioneering campaign. As we young democrats have an aim to end incompetent leadership in our party we must endure to work hard and harder to ensure the objectives of our district are achieved. It is in our interest to know and interrogate all aspirants MP’s. We young democrats are to ensure that the villainous and incompetent Madam Alijata Suleman is voted out because our district deserves a better MP to represent us in parliament.

We are just a few weeks from Election Day, and it seems some people are letting their political passion cross the line. Destroying billboards and posters are raising concerns. Over the past week, identified persons have vandalised our main political opponent billboards that the pathetic madam Alijata Suleman claimed are closer to her resident. I don't think candidates in all the Parties support her kind of behaviour from their followers, but at the same time I don't think they are going as far as telling them to respect their opponents and the laws of the country.

It does no good tearing down someone's billboard or poster because all these things cost money, time and energy. Vote not for any person you dislike but leave his posters alone. This is just common sense. Vandalism in our politics does us no good. As our parliamentary candidate Madam Alijata Sulemani has done much harm than good. Let us avoid evil behaviour, for these are the handworks of Satan and her agents.

Can we say the good is seeking to return to its own passive beginning defined as perfection – infinite and eternal perfection? Can we say the quest for natural right is to return to a passive, infinite, and eternal perfection – no conflicts?

Can we say the natural evil of an active principle seeks to overturn this eternal passive nature and the natural right seeks to undercut its activity?

We young democrats are of the view that natural evil is something like a natural disaster that disregards humans and harms the innocent indiscriminately. Moral evil can be said to replicate this natural evil in the political arena but comes in conflict with necessity: necessity for resources, population growth, and survival. These are some of the questions that motivate Madam Alijata Sulemani into doing natural evil things in politics. Young democrats say the soul loves what is eternal and invisible, while the physical world is an obstacle for the soul and is connected to desire, passions, and Eros).

These are the kind of the obstacle that is linked to natural evil in politics. When Inferior people like Madam Alijata Suleman, who are not linked as souls to the eternal and highest hierarchy of understanding the eternal, become DCE and parliamentary candidates will obviously become obstacles. To ensure perfection and eternal order, we must fight hard to get rid of her. I rest my case.


Columnist: Ali, Justice