Wake Up Ghanaians

Tue, 21 May 2013 Source: Ayiku, Charles Nii

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How long would our people be stupid and foolish and allow these Nigerian conmen who call themselves pastors and prophets to come and deceive our people, and steal our money in the bargain ? It all began with the late Atta Mills who was so thoroughly deceived and manipulated by the false prophet, T B Joshua that he had to go to Nigeria to give a testimony at the Synagogue of Satan. Since then many undiscerning Ghanaians have followed suit. " If the professor himself and the president of Ghana could believe in T B Joshua, then he must be real after all," they must have reasoned. What they don't realize is that biblical ignorance is no respecter of persons. One could be a professor but be biblically illiterate, ignorant and stupid. One could have a high social standing, but still be ignorant of the Word of God. It is not a matter of education, social standing, position or whether one is black or white. And this is why the Nigerian conman and illiterate who calls himself " a man of God," is able to deceive so many Ghanaians. They have bought into the lie that TBJ is a true man of God, but the evidence shows he is nothing but a liar, a deceiver, a 419 scammer and a false prophet.

TBJ teaches many doctrines of demons and twists the Word of God to deceive those who don't know the Bible. He claims his anointing water leads to salvation, but those who know the Bible know that salvation is of the Lord Jesus alone and not through any man or medium or church. Jesus alone is the Mediator between God and mankind and nobody else, let alone a false prophet like TBJ. Acts 4:12; 1 Timothy 2:5. Now TBJ claims to be messiah and interjects himself into the divine Trinity, claiming he sits at the right hand of God, but the Bible says that only Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God. Psalm 110:1. Many ignorant people like to compare this false prophet to Jesus, but they don't know that Jesus is God but T B Joshua is just a man like you and I, who was born in sin and is therefore a sinner and just an ordinary false prophet who is riding high on the ignorance of people.

TBJ has succeeded with his deception mainly because he knows how to give bribes to people, but woe to those who collect bribes from this agent of Satan. Their days are numbered, and unless they repent, they would surely be destroyed together with this false prophet. TBJ gives bribes to just about anyone to manipulate them to promote him. He is not as generous as people imagine him to be. After all, the money and things he gives to people are just a fraction of what he's collected from the Lord's people. Further, TBJ has Emmanuel TV, where everything is choreographed and manipulated, including healings, deliverances and testimonies, to project him.

TBJ's so-called anointing water has now claimed the lives of four Ghanaians, and others wounded. This is apart from the false miracles he performed on 20 Ghanaians who are now dead, with the connivance of Michael Lathbridge, Kayode of Awakeners and his other devotees. Yes, these devotees connived with TBJ to deceive 22 million Ghanaians in our own country and we imagine this 419 scammer is a prophet of God ? TWEAAAAAAAA !!!!!!

WAKE UP GHANAIANS !!!! If anything, this latest criminal activity of TBJ should open your eyes, if you're too blind to see. Was this really a stampede or was it a sacrifice of innocent blood for T B Joshua ? I know TBJ has his mouth smeared with blood, and he would do anything to project his name, but some of us Ghanaians are wide awake and we shall continue to expose TBJ until he comes out to make his confession to all the world for all his atrocities which are too many .......



Columnist: Ayiku, Charles Nii