Was Ex-President Kufuor Not Ashamed Of Going To The Castle-Part 6

Tue, 29 Mar 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Ex-President Kufuor told NPP members that he was prepared to BECOME a MESSENGER in a RULING PARTY, than to become an Executive member of an opposition party in Ghana. He said this in just 2 years AFTER leaving office as the President of Ghana, BUT he has so soon forgotten his several attempts made to KILL RAWLINGS and JAIL HIS WIFE and DESTROY THE NDC, SO THAT IT WILL NEVER EXIST EVEN as an opposition party in Ghana, so that his violent prone NPP will become a defacto ONE PARTY STATE and continue to destroy Ghana by teaching TRIBALISM and Tribal Superiority from father to son, mother to daughter, amidst insults, manufacture of fat lies, cocaine deals thievery and extreme corruption. “Kufuor and his NPP government was so confident of victory that they” dubbed the 2008 general elections A “ONE TOUCH ELECTION” why NOT, ARE YOU GOD? Ex-President Rawlings and his wife were All Campaigning for the then candidate Mills, BUT the whole NPP campaign MACHINERY was TARGETTED at Rawlings and his Wife, even though they were not contesting Judas Nana Akuffo Addo for the Presidency. Ex-President Kufuor’s government campaigned against Rawlings both in Ghana and Abroad for 8 years and when Rawlings travels abroad and RE-ACTS to these false allegations by Ex-President Kufuor, his bias Media collaborators would RUSH TO HIS DEFENCE. Dear reader, LISTEN TO THIS! A man THOUGHT himself very STRONG, he RELOCATED to a Castle with stone walls. He mounted on the walls the MIGHTIEST WEAPONS of DESTRUCTION he could FIND! His ARMIES stood on guard DAY and NIGHT and he then said “Now I am VERY SAFE, ANYONE WHO DEFIED ME MUST PERISH. However, one thing he DID NOT KNOW was this: Beneath that solid ROCK on which the castle stood, was a small silent river. Every day, the river silently eroded the seemingly IMPREGNABLE ROCK LIKE THE NPP GOVT. IN GHANA FROM 2001-2008. The RIVER gathered FORCE UNTIL ONE DAY IT BURST THROUGH: and ALL THE ARMS and ALL THE SOLDIERS WERE CRUSHED TOGETHER WITH THEIR “ MIGHTY LEADER”. In Nature, the STRONGEST FORCES build up and WORK SILENTLY then they BURST in IRRESISTIBLE STRENGTH. The NPP’s Judas Akuffo Addo must learn from this. Such behavior by an EXTREME CORRUPT Senior Military Officers in Ghana between 1977 and 1979 led to the June 4 uprising led by J.J Rawlings in 1979 who became Chairman of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) which Executed 8 Senior Army Officers including General Akuffo , General Acheampong, Afrifa who were all former Military Heads of State who raided the National Treasury and enriched themselves. Even though June 4 DID NOT OVERTHROW ANY CIVILIAN REGIME Ex-President Kufour out lawed the celebration of June 4 as a national holidays by legislation and went ahead to EX-HUME the BONES of Gen. Afrifa, Gen. Akuffo, Gen. Acheampong and all the others to their families to be given a fitting BURIAL. The Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today were the first politicians to STAGE a VIOLENT coup on February 24th 1966 and thousands of innocent men, women and children were slaughtered by Kokoka and Afrifa Don’t they also Deserve Decent Burials?- Lt. Arthur and Moses Yeboah staged a counter-coup in April 196 7 and killed Col. Kotoka but it was foiled and they were the FIRST SOLDIERS to face the first FIRING SQUAD in Ghana. Now all those killed in those years WERE ALSO GHANAIANS-What did President Kufour say or do to their bereaved families, and they did NOT want such atrocities to be mentioned in their so-called National Reconciliation Commission. Ex-President Kufuor was silently DIGGING HIS OWN GRAVE BY trying to kill Rawlings and jail his wife who went to and from court for 8 good years. Judas Nana Akuffo Addo told party supporters that if President Kufour could NOT PUT Rawlings under House Arrest or kill him. He will do that and even eliminate him when he becomes the President of Ghana- WHO WILL ELECT YOU as the President of Ghana to practice tribal politics , violence, anarchy and political intolerance. Ex-President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt never thought of a day like- this to happen to him. The late General Sanni Abacha of Nigeria never though of a day like that because he was the most HATED Head of State. The late General Eyadema who was collaborating with Ex-President Kufuor to assassinate Rawlings NEVER thought of a day like that before he died on the throne after 38 years in power. On September 21st 2001, four of former President Rawlings TRUSTED body guards namely Kufuor, Adotey, Budu and Anyomu were arrested and detained for allegedly being in possession of UNLICENSED WEAPONS, a charge which TURNED OUT TO BE FALSE. Since when did it become a CRIME for serving soldiers to LICENSE THEIR WEAPONS BEFORE KEEPING THEM OR USING THEM? It was a crime for any serving soldier or policeman to talk to Rawlings without permission from Kufuor’s NPP government from 2001-2008. I am writing this article without FEAR OR FAVOUR because IT IS FACTUAL. So I don’t care a fig at all, if it HURTS Kufuor and his violent prone NPP members in Ghana who believe that Ghana belong to them more than any other TRIBE or Political party. In an attempt to DEPICT former President Rawlings as a criminal who stole the country’s MONEY and had stashed it away by his Wife in a Swiss Banks, Mr. Kweku Baako Junior, Editor in Chief of the Crusading Guide, the man who told the whole world that he would gladly be part of ANY SCHEME to see to the DEMISE of the NDC was tasked to travel OUTSIDE the country to locate Rawlings ‘s stolen money. He falsely published a so-called details of Swiss Bank Accounts of Rawlings and his family. Interestingly, the Foreign Consultants, Kroll and Associates (South Africa Office) who combed all the leading Banks in the world to locate Rawlings “loot” told their client (Prez. Kufuor’s government) that Rawlings HAS NO FOREIGN ACCOUNTS in ANY PART of the world. As a senior cadre who has been in the TRECHES with Rawlings since June 4 1979, THIS FALSE ALLEGATION AGAINST HIM BEING A THIEF was the BEGINNING OF THE BAD BLOOD BETWEEN HIM and Mr. J.A.Kufuor. Surprisingly Kweku Baako a.k.a Mr. Document REFUSED TO TELL GHANAIANS through his newspaper the “New Crusading Guide” that Rawlings had no foreign accounts anywhere in the world. As for this THICK headed bias journalist who was a former June 4 member, I will one day meet him and congratulate him for his fat lies and extreme hatred for Rawlings and the NDC. If that YARDSTICK used by J.A.Kufour on Rawlings is applied to HIM and his NPP today will Kufuor survive it , will he past the TEST as he owns several hotels all over the globe?

Nobody Or Group Of Persons Can Destroy Rawlings Because He Is A Gem And Must Be Preserved

President Mills have shown you the Real meaning of Democracy. Nobody can touch the Hair of Rawlings and get away with it. When Former President Rawlings was invited by the Otumfuo Asantehene to the 2001 Akwasidae celebration in Kumasi, he accepted the invitation to portray UNITY because at that time, there was severe apprehension being created by the government through its ILL TREATMENT of former President Rawlings.

However, in an attempt to humiliate the former President, National Security asked Manhyia NOT TO ALLOW HIM to be at the celebration, most probably because President Kufuor was also to attend. Hmm! Dear Reader, this particular directive was seen as coming directly from Kufour himself because the SPECIAL ATTENTION the crowd normally accord Rawlings RENDERS PREZ.KUFUOR an ordinary person when both of them MEET at the same function. However, Manhyia Rightly SNUBBED THE NATIONAL SECURITY DIRECTIVE and former President Rawlings attended the event. Was Ex-President Kufuor Not Really Ashamed of Going To the Castle.

Baafour Akoto’s Funeral In Kumasi

There was another attempt to HUMILIATE former President Rawlings at Baafour Akoto’s funeral in Kumasi which was however successfully COUNTERED by Otumfuo Asantehene. After the first part of the funeral service in a church. Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings were invited by state Protocol TO SIT AWAY FROM THE HIGH TABLE where phase 2 of the funeral was to take place. When President Kufour and his ministers arrived and sat at the HIGH TABLE and were expecting Otumfuo’s arrival, the ASANTEHENE RIGHTLY GAVE ONE CONDITION THAT UNLESS PRESIDENT RAWLINGS WAS SEATED AT THE HIGH TABLE, HE WOULD NOT BE AT THE FUNERAL. This caused STATE PROTOCOL to BELATEDLY INVITE Prez. Rawlings and his wife to the High Table. This writer was Right there and saw it all because President Kufuor DID NOT even greet Rawlings and his wife when he entered the church with his vicious ministers of state. Almost every body in the church saw through the NPP government’s attempt to BE LITTLE former President Rawlings and His wife as social Nobodies. Yes, This is J.A.Kufuor the so-called

“ Gentle Giant” of the NPP for you. God is Not Mocked as several attempts made on the life of Rawlings failed-An 8 years attempt to jail his wife and destroyed the NDC also failed and it is now in power- what else again now. The question I want Kufour to Answer is that; will he be very happy if Prez. Atta Mills also decide to treat him that way by instructing Lt. Col. Gbevlo Lartey, National Security Co-ordinator whom HE illegally retired from the Army and nearly killed to also Treat HIM the same way that HE treated Rawlings and his wife for 8 years? As a senior cadre, this Article will put to Rest the False Accusations and allegations against Rawlings and his wife. Let Kufuor, Judas Nana Akuffo Addo dare me in this Article and I will add more, and more, and more. I am not coward. “Jaanbie Iwaii”






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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement