Well done Ghana Police for the swift response

Police Ak A video capturing a police officer beating a nursing mother has sparked outrage among Ghanaians

Sat, 21 Jul 2018 Source: Joel Savage

Everyone is angry after a video which emerged on social media shows a police officer on guard duty at Midlands Savings and Loans beat up a woman who was holding a baby.

I watched the video several times and couldn’t find any tangible reason a police officer who has to protect a citizen would rather subject someone to such a beating. Above all, she was a woman holding a child.

The developing news following this horrific assault gave me a sigh of relief. The Criminal Investigation Department in Ghana has arrested the policeman responsible for that assault.

In fact, like many Ghanaians, I don't have confidence in the Ghana police, therefore, reading that the police have arrested the officer who assaulted the woman at the ‘Midlands Savings’ changed the negative perception many have against the Ghana police.

On the same issue, I read that the bank in which the incident occurred has rendered an apology to the customer assaulted by the police officer. An apology is not enough the victim must fully be compensated.

The media didn’t report on the situation of the victim if she sustained any physical injury or not. Therefore, the bank management must take the responsibility to examine the woman in the hospital.

Ghana as a developing nation must show a sign of moving forward not backward. There are so many crimes taking place in the country that go unpunished. Nobody is above the law.

I will take the opportunity to thank the Ghana police for taking such an action because Ghana has proved itself as a developing nation to give both Ghanaians and foreigners confidence and assurance.

I will also use this platform to make an appeal to the Minister of Justice and the Ghana police boss to start taking land crimes seriously as many chiefs break the law with impunity.

Chiefs, whether traditional or local, are not above the law, they are aware of the crimes they commit by selling one plot to different people because they know that the law will not prosecute them. All such crimes must come to an end.

There is no Ghanaian at home or abroad who will be happy after working very hard then be deceived by a chief, who is abusing his position by committing crimes. Such people must face the full force of the law to serve as a deterrent to others.

The Ghanaian government must start finding solutions to these problems as soon as possible.

Columnist: Joel Savage
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