Western Democracy Is Laced With Insults.

Sun, 4 Sep 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Part 1

Third World Countries have been compelled to blindly embrace Democracy as their systems of governing their people by Western Countries whose economies are strong with higher technological know how, military might, and scientifically superior world wide.

After granting independence to Third World countries, they turn round to Neo-colonise all the countries, and in this case, all African countries are compelled to adopt structural adjustment programmes where their citizenry go to their beds hungry for years in order to recover their economies for those states to qualify for IMF/IFC/World Bank loans which are often given out to third world countries by the West with their Right hands and later taken back with their left hands indirectly by blind folding the heads of state and their governments while Africans remain static with high mortality rates, diseases, extreme poverty, hopelessness, misery, empty hospitals, hunger and finally early deaths in their thousands. After the new-colonisation of these third world countries especially Africans, bull dozers, chain saws, dorma machines, excavators are exported to Africa where their agents sell them to so-called timber merchants and our African tropical forests are vanishing every day as huge trees are felled for timber. AS if that is not enough, they decide the prices of our raw materials like cocoa, coffee, diamonds, gold, timber, bauxite, manganese, copper, coal, you name them. Any progressive Military Head of State or a radical no nonsense president in Africa or any third world country who dares resist western Neo-colonialism will be over thrown and even assassinated by Western countries using their deadly state security agencies like the C.I.A of America, M16 of Britain Mossad of Israel, the KGB of Russia – just to name a few. Progressive honest and radical Heads of State and third world presidents must die in order to enable Western countries have their way to openly plunder countries diplomatically. While sitting with African Heads of State and Presidents before State Television Cameras over wine, always proposing toasts daily while daggers, pistols, bombs, grenades and machine guns are pilled in their various embassies across African countries where detailed information on third world governments are transmitted daily by Western Embassies to their home governments which they describe as “Highly Classified “informtions. Having pushed third world countries to the wall and chained their leaders’ legs and arms and finally closing their mouths with western padlocks and keeping the keys of the padlocks in their pockets, they then dictate the ingredients of the multi party system of government and how it must function world wide and one of the main ingredients enshrined in multiparty democracy are INSLUTS, if you doubt it, kindly read this;

1) Lord St. John of Fawsley in Britain insulted Margaret Thatcher, former Prime minister of Britain thus; when she speaks without thinking, she says what she thinks.

2) John Adams, the second U.S. President called George Washington an illiterate, unread and unlearned, yet he became President of the United States with all his illiteracy.

3) In Canada, questions were raised about Sir John Macdonald’s love for alcohol after he became ill and vomited during a campaign speech – He replied that he got sick and vomited not because he was drunk, but he was forced to listen to the RANTING of his political opponent.

4) Winston Church ill – the British war time Prime Minister described his opponent in the Labour Party Mr. Clement A Lee as a SHEEP in wolf clothing and a modest man who had nothing modest about him.

5) John Wright, Vice President of a Polling Firm said political insults are like HAND GRENADES – they are EXPLOSIVE and can blow up on you – but insults might WORK IN THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT – Africa is the Right Environment because if some PUNKS, TRIBAL BIGOTS, ACADEMIC UNDESIRABLES, CROOKS IN CASSOCKS, RAPISTS IN CASSOCKS, EDUCATED ILLITERATES, DRUG BARONS, CHILD TRAFFICKERS, MURDERERS, HALF BAKED JOURNALISTS, WIFE SNATCHERS, NATRURAL FOOLS and even professional liars are misleading Africans and you expose them by giving them their Right Titles, I don’t see these to be insults, no some person will describe the above people with such titles as gentlemen who should NOT be insulted at all.

6) Mrs. Lady Astor, a British politician told Winston Churchill that Sir, if you were my husband, I would have poisoned your drink. Churchill replied, Madam, if you were my wife, I will drink it and die.

7) Barrack Obama – the Current U.S. President said that: Embittered small town Americans loved Guns and God but dislike immigrants when he was on his campaign trail in 2008.

8) Mrs. Hillary Clinton described Barrack Obama as elitish and out of touch with Americans – she was also on her campaign trail for the U.S Presidency in 2008.

9) Barrack Obama replied by telling Mrs. Clinton that she was talking like Annie Oakely – the famous American sharp shooter. Finally, Barrack Obama won the elections in the US convincingly and ended up appointing Mrs. Hillary Clinton as a very powerful secretary of state in his government – can such a thing ever happen in any African country apart from ill fated acrimonious power sharings? Most African countries gained their independence from Western countries and were FORCED TO ADOPT CONSTITUTIONAL RULE, and INSULTS were included in the Constitutional and democratic packages and these are the main reasons why I cited several political insults from these same old democratic western countries namely – the United Kingdom which is now 400 years in her democracy, followed by the United States, Canada, Russia, France, Italy, Australia Belgium, Germany, Spain, Poland, Greece etc.

Dress Code for Parliamentarians

These Western countries also imposed their way of dressing on all African countries in order to destroy our African culture by not recognizing African clothes and other products like Smocks, Kente, a product of Asantes and Ewes, Cow hides, Skins and Clothes worn by our traditional rulers, but decreed that we must WEAR COAT & TIE to parliament and all other official business and throw our African tradition away. As if that was not enough, Westerners told Africans that one can insult his or her father in the name of free speech and democracy which is Alien to Africa and by so doing, thousands of Africans are now MORE WESTERNISED than the WESTERNERS themselves especially in my country – Ghana where people wear coats and ties even in the hot scotching sun – how sad! After imposing their culture on Africans, these Western Countries ensured that ANY African leaders who refuse to tow their line is removed through a bloody coup de’tat or they will sponsor Rebels to overthrow regimes whose leaders have remained stumbling blocks to Western Interests.

Saddam Husein the former President of Iraq was framed up by George Bush Jnr of the U.S and Tony Blair of the U.K that Saddam had Weapongs of Mass Destruction which turned out to be FALSE, yet he was captured and executed by hanging and his sons were wiped out by American soldiers because of OIL, OIL, OIL and nothing else at all in this world.

In the 1960’s Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba was brutally tortured to death and the then UN Secretary General had to pay with his life when trying to intervene during the Congo Crises Where Western interests were supreme.

Dear reader, Hmmm! The rest is history but the recent NATO backed so-called Revolution in Libya to effect a regime change in that country is because of nothing but OIL, OIL, OIL and not that Gaddafi killed a single fly, so if he is to be tried, then George Bush Junior. Former U.S. President and Tony Blair – former Prime Minister of Britain must also be tried at The Hague. If Gbagbo’s supporters are being tried – Quattra’s supporters must also be tried because both sides killed innocent civilians during the Ivory Coast conflict. The I.C.C must equally issue warrants to arrest those murderous Rebels in Libya and arraign former President George Bush Jnr. and Tony Blair, the former prime minister of Britain before the ICC for crimes against humanity – the whole world will then see that Real and True Justice now prevails in the ICC, and that the ICC was not set up to INDICT and TRY only African Heads of State.In the absence of that, Charles Taylor and co. must be set free unconditionally and the late Foday Sankor also honoured – because Apartheid South Africa was fully backed by Western Countries and millions of innocent South African men, women and children were killed in cold blood and Mr. Pik Botha was rightly nick named – Pig Botha because he behaved like a pig under that in human and un Godly Apartheid regime. Let me drop my Bic here, but I shall be back with a special feature on INSULTS in Ghana from Jerry Rawlings era to President Mills administration where democratic Ghana has surpassed all other countries in the art of insults.


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organizer

United Cadres Front


All Media Houses

Accra – Ghana


Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement