What should citizens know about the 2016 General Elections?

Sun, 9 Jul 2017 Source: Botwe Michael

The truth stands and hurts when the evil is brought out to our public domain or to unravel the best possible ways how things should have been organised. Ghana as a country, still has voluminous challenges with the electoral reforms.

The #2016 general elections as a case study, per the claims of some individuals and the system of Ghana's Electoral Management which has been hijacked during the collation of the elections results was and is nothing good to champion the 'white clothe', free, fair, and transparent elections as a very salient and pivotal pillar of democratic existence.

To do empirical observation, logical reasoning and deduction of the public outcry of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, which does not necessarily mean, that he assiduously need contract, and per the modus operandi, there were electoral malpractices and irregularities that gave victory and defeat to others in 2016 General Elections.

There is a crystal clear dichotomy between winning elections and performances and should such elections be rigged just to fulfill someone's political,nepotist,and cronies ambitions, then we expect nothing, but bad governance.

This bad governance will culminate in: lawlessness by 'invisible forces' The General Legal system will become weak, because judges will fear molestation and attacks on the verdict they pronounce, the security services will also be attacked by civilians whose lives are to be protected and defended, armed robbery, fraud and promiscuity will escalate due to unemployment, dissipation of investment, penury and untimely death of the workforce and children.

Ghana belongs to all of us and not just a particular class and the rule of the game must be allowed and applied diligently and appropriately in order to ensure good, accountable, and responsible governance in Ghana.

Columnist: Botwe Michael
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