When I see head porters from from John Mahama's

Tue, 25 Feb 2014 Source: Yahaya, Tanko Ali

region labouring in the scorching sun, with many of them, with their

children on their back as they carry loads of goods on their head to

make ends meet, I ask myself.....

"What shall it profit a Northerner to vote for a heartless,

purposeless, shameless, clueless, vision less and a hopeless

Northerner as a president to worsen his/ her living conditions"?

Even a "wakye" seller from my Zongo Community will be

smart enough to detect that investing in guinea fowls that can

disappear to Burkina Faso within the twinkle of an eye is a bad

business. It's unfortunate that John Mahama who is not competent

enough to even run a Super market has rode on the back of ethnicity,

vote buying and vote rigging to be President of a great nation like


Today John Mahama who claim to be a youth, born in

the era of modern Ghana, and not from the Gold coast, colonized Ghana,

has left the youth in a state of despondency, with his crass

corruption, mediocrity, self denial, economic mismanagement,

institutional lawlessness, and misplaced priority.

You can use the national coffers to buy cars for

university ladies and chiefs for votes. You can use the national

coffers to compromised the Electoral Commission to rig an election in

your favour, but it you can never succeed as a leader when you and

your cronies eat the "meat down to the bone" in the name of dubious

judgement debts.

First of all, is it a crime to be an Akan? Are

Akans not Ghanaians? In any case, the Akans form the Majority of

ethnic groupings in Ghana. The Akans cover five regions out of the ten

regions of Ghana, from Brong Ahafo, Ashanti, Eastern, Western and the

Central region. According to the Current national population census,

the Akans form 43% of the national population. If the NPP is truly an

Akan party, the NPP will win every credible general elections till

thy kingdom come.

It was the so called Akan party, under J.A kuffour

that initiated the free maternal care that benefited Ghanaians from

all walks of life.

When the so called Akan party of the NPP administration introduced

the National Health Insurance Scheme, both Northerners, voltarians and

other minority ethnic groups benefited from it and continue to do so.

The school feeding programme the NPP introduced

cut across ethnic lines. Up till date, Ghanaians from different ethnic

groups are benefiting from the National youth employment programme the

NPP introduced. It was the so called Akan party under J.A Kuffour

that injected millions of Cedis into the Keta sea defense project.

If the NPP happens to be Akan dominated party and

will continue to serve the best interest of Ghana, then so be it!

When I took on the stomach politician of the moment, Dr. Nyaho

Tamakloe, for his flawed allegation of ethnic imbalance of the NPP

national committees, a person whom I used to mistaken to be a rational

being by name C.Y Andy. K called me a bloke and a fool. I thought

he'll be smart enough to attack the substance of my argument, not

knowing that he is too ethnocentric minded to be logical and objective

in attacking me.

The facts that some tribal bigots use this web to

make disparaging remarks about other ethnic groups doesn't mean that I

should allowed it to blind my sense of objectivity and join the chorus

of that absurdity. C.Y Andy K, you should rise above the morass of

ethnicity and start visualizing your people as a one common tribe

called Ghana, regardless of the tribal arrogance some tribal bigots

unfortunately display on this plat form. C.Y Andy K, be the change you

want to see. Don't behave like those you criticize.

I refuse to throw out the baby with the bath

water. I'd rather support the cause of the so called Akan party, the

NPP that serves the best interest of the state rather than to support

the NDC that collaborates with Roland Agambire and his Azontaba group

to loot the nation at the expense of the North. When the swindler of

the century, Alfred Agbesi Woyome through the assistance of government

officials duped the state, did Voltarians benefitted from the booty?

It's pathetic how Northerners who are in charge of the SADA, are

milking the coffers of this initiative extremely dry to the

disadvantage of the North.

I urge the NDC and John Mahama to back their

rhetoric's with action by making voltarians and Northerners feel they

really have their interest at heart.

C.Y Andy K, before you insult me next time, you

need to connect your tongue to your brain. SMH! (shaking my head!!!!).

Tanko Ali Yahaya Zongorians.

Independent Minded Zongorians.


Columnist: Yahaya, Tanko Ali