When Obuasi Ndc Is Boiling And Nobody Cares – PART 2

Wed, 9 Jun 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The TOP SECRET behind the cool VICTORY of his Excellency President Mills with Vice President John Mahama is that the President is not only a law professor, but a silent disciplined graduate of the erstwhile Kwame Nkrumah ideological institute and that was the reason why he introduced the famous DOOR to DOOR campaign during the Presidential and parliamentary elections in 2008 and won with a slim margin in 2009.

The father of his Excellency John Darimani Mahama was the Regional Commissioner of Northern Region and his name was Hon. E.A. Mahama during the CPP regine of Dr. Nkrumah.

Hon A. Asumda was also the Regional commissioner of Upper Region with Bolgatanga as its Regional Capital.

The Upper West Region was created in 1983 by the PNDC government with J.J. Rawlings as the then Head of state.

As a Young Pioneer cadre in 1958 I had the singular privilege to work with them and I knew them personally before they both died (I am yet to be corrected because I don’t know whether they are dead or still alive).

It was the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who taught us to always go from door to door and from street to street to campaign for the CPP government since some people may be busy doing their private Works or resting in their houses Most CPP ministers died as paupers because they were so simple, so approachable and so humble and friendly that their doors were always opened freely for Young Pioneer cadres, so we enjoyed the door to door and street to street work happily. With this two Honest men steering the ship of State, all cadres must use their vast organizational experience to ensure that No Stone is left unturned to ensure that the NDC retains power in the 2012 general elections and beyond. Dr. Nkrumah also advised the Young Pioneers to AVOID making false allegations as well as character assassinations, but if you happen to see your fellow Young Pioneers, or members of the Committee on Youth Organization indulging in negative activities that could destroy the CPP and turn the people against the party, you must put it into writing and sign that petition and be prepared to defend what you wrote, whenever you are invited before those you accused in your petition and any allegation based on mere suspicion and rumours which were written to him would be thrown into the waste paper basket. This rich advice by the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is in my blood, but after his violent over throw on 24th Feb. 1966, I suffered 4 months detention under the Protective Custody Decree by the NLC military junta as a former Young Pioneer secretary in April 1966 where I was arrested form my hide out on my father’s farm where I took a refuge. One of the main reasons given by the coop makers in 1966 was that the (P.D.A) the Preventive Detention Act was but NL Cquickly replaced it with the Protective Custody Decree of 1966, dear reader have you seen any difference in these two laws? They are all the same. Lets all well meaning Ghanaians have confidence in President Mills and Vice President John Mahama because they are 100% full blooded Nkrumahists, so those who know them personally should go and ask them. I have no pesewa, but if I had the means, I would bet 2 trillion Ghana cedis with any person or group of people who challenges me. The NDC was given 4 years to deliver its promises and NOT one and half years, so all cadres must ARISE and SHINE every where to organize the people and advise them to be patient with the NDC government.

The NPP was teasing and mocking Professor Mills in 2008 over his door to door campain, today they are copying President Mills’ idea, cadres must ensure that the NPP loses the 2012 elections.


Within one year after the 1966 infamous coup, Colonel Kotoka the coup leader promoted himself to General as well as Brigadier Afrifa and Brigadier Ocran, after all, it was an “Operation cold chop” that was the code name for that infamous bloody coup that was well organised by Ghanaian TRAITORS who were all members of the Danquah Busia tradition which the NPP represent today 2010. This explains the reaons why Ex-President Kufour stated that if no Ghanaian will propose him to be Honoured with the Highest award of Ghana, he will award and decorate himself and went ahead to decorate himself because he was the President of the Republic of Ghana. No member of the NPP gave the NDC a dog’s chance of winning the 2008 presidential and parliamentary elections in this country because the party was completely written off by our detractors.

Why then can’t we unite and build on our great victory since we have won 8 good regions in 2009 and should have been organizing the people through political education in order to make the NDC attractive to both floating voters and defectors from other political parties? Instead of doing so, some Regional and Constituency Executives have invented ENEMY MAKING MACHINES that produce backbiters, character assassinators, fifth coloumnists tribal bigots, self seekers, opportunists, mafia clubs, liars, black mailers confusionists, insinuators and all the NEGATIVE THINGS that can easily cause the defeat of the NDC. Every body calls upon the cadres to join the party executives to push the party forward, but most constituency executives HATE the cadres and DOES NOT include them in their programmes, some constituency executives falsely blame the cadres who are seen as spies, C.I.D men and women in the 31st December women’s Movement and have vowed never to deal or even work with them or even include them in any of their programmes. They rather use the products form their Enemy making machines in order to provoke the cadres to leave the party for them to misbehave and do what they like with FULL BACKING of some DCE’s and one such clear example is the Obuasi Constituency from which this writer comes from I have written a lot about them and positive advise I use to give them and they flatly refused and rather targeted me. I ignored them and starting organizing them convinces the electorate to give the NDC another mandate.

But for our political maturity and level headedness, Obuasi constituency would have been the first to explode. The cadres avoided these traps and NOW the constituency executives are boiling the water themselves after they failed to trap the cadres, they also failed to mislead the cadres to fall into the deep holes they dug for the cadres to fall in and DIE AGAIN.

With the rich political background of this writer who happens to be the Municipal Organizer of the cadre corps in Obuasi, do you think that these empty receptacles and dishonest liars parading as constituency executives can ever succeed in destroying the cadres or implicating them?

The answer is a big No. I want to use this opportunity to assure the President and his Vice, the top executives of NDC headquarters that cadres attend monthly meetings together with members of the 31st December Women’s Movement to educate party members towards elections 2012 victory and also attend the general meetings of the NDC every Thursday.

Those 7 constituency Executives who organised themselves and beat up the legally appointed Co-ordinator of NYEP on March, 14th 2012 were NOT cadres, since no cadre was involved. The first constituency Executives who secretly wrote a FALSE letter and deceived the Hon. Minister of Youth and Sports as well as the National Youth Employment Co-ordinator were NOT cadres because they have dared NEVER to appoint ANY CADRE as an Executive member of the NDC in Obuasi and they have the full backing of the Regional Co-ordinating Council because they have refused to put things RIGHT, so if Obuasi is burning and Nobody cares, we the cadres are very much concerned about the 3 divisions in the Obuasi Constituency.

The municipal Co-ordinator of NYEP and his deputy were duely appointed on 12th Oct. 2009 and they are being paid by the government whilst the constituency Executives backed fully by the Regional NYEP Co-ordinator and His deputy as well as the powers that be. Even the constituency Organiser who left Ghana in 2007 only to return two weeks after the NDC won power and have sworn that the NYEP co-ordinator and his deputy would go to office over his dead body and that if even President Mills intervenes, he (the organizer who never cast a single vote for the party in 2008 will not allow them to go to office.

Who is he? – As matured cadres, we also insist that the secret letter written by the constituency Executives is fake, and must be thrown into the waste paper basket because these executives are very dishonest and the cadre corps insist that one Mr. Pasco and 2 others who were nominated to go to South Africa to watch the games must be cancelled because we only saw them in 2008 with one of them facing assault charges at the Obuasi circuit court, the 7 constituency executives who also assaulted the NYEP Co-ordinator in their office have all written their statements to the police and are due to appear in court with all their dishonesty and treachery , but somebody is behind pulling the strings and we shall find out that person and let you know. It is NOW or NEVER, as for as we are concerned, they will never succeed in their dishonest activities.


These constituency executives in Obuasi have formed a Mafia Club where Respect for most party elders, opinion leaders and supporters are no longer a treasured or sought after social values because they can have whatever they want by other means- by money, secret connections AND the exercise of brutal power through the beating of fellow NDC members in order to silence them, Nobody can intimidate the cadres in the party or seal their mouths.

They do not want to hear of the word “cadre” in their vocabulary since they have totally forgotten that we are in an orphan constituency where we have to be nice to the party supporters and embrace defectors and convince them for the 2012 elections. Since they are political novices, we are telling them point blank that the cadres form the BEDROCK or FOUNDATION of the NDC and Nobody can ever EJECT his/her landlord in this world and we will prove them wrong. If this Mafia Club full of self-seekers, liars and dishonest executives could write false letters secretly and deceive ministers of state, what are they NOT capable of doing? Ignorant as they are, they are bragging that if you beat up your own party member and he reports you to the police the matter goes nowhere. When a party member beats somebody from the same party and he drops dead will the police leave him because it was a party affair.

They may be “right” because their Regional Collaboraters at the Regional NYEP Office and the R.C.C are fully supporting them. What about if you beat up your fellow NDC member and he drops dead? Let them answer it for Ghanaians to know. How can they be doing things that threaten the interest of the NDC and when any cadre points out their mistakes to them, they gang up and rush to Kumasi NYEP office, and the RCC and report that this writer, whose name is Clement Sangaparee is rather destroying the NDC in Obuasi. Let them re-act to this article with a rejoinder and point out a single cadre from the ranks of the United Cadres Front who joined them to beat up the NYEP co-ordinator and his deputy twice in their office for every body to know. They can run, but they can not hide any where at all. The cadres in the NDC would NOT die for the 7th time again.

It is very shameful and disappointing to see a development of widening gaps of understanding since all the constituency executives falsely believe that they can do everything alone and in secret and rather see cadres as their sworn enemies who must be ignored and discarded. They lie bad we are closely monitoring events as they unfold and we shall surely expose the unseen hands backing them.

The erstwhile C.D.R’s projected nonentities to fame and again dressed known crooks with saintly garbs, but today, these groups of nonentities and crooks are the No. 1 enemies of Ex-President Rawlings. Cadres will work and use our vast organizational experience to help President Mills achieve the Better Ghana agenda just as we supported Rawlings to succeed but this time in a democratic manner we shall ignore these empty receptacles calling themselves the constituency executives in Obuasi- this is very shameful. It will be recalled that Madam Georgina Baffoe, the constituency Women Organizer of the NDC stated on 5th Feb. 2010 that if the Obuasi Constituency Executives agree to allow Samson Sarkodie and Frederick Addai to work as NYEP Co-ordinator and deputy in the office, the party supporters would regard all the executives as DISHONEST LIARS and the MCE will also be ASHAMED! The team from Accra met with the MCE for 2 hours in his office before they met with the Constituency Executives. Well, a man whose heart is pure fears noshing because Allah is with him. Madam Georgina Baffoe made that shameful statement in the presence of Chief Maazu from Accra, Mallam Alhansa-Accra Mr. Omar Regional NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy Ameen Fio Favour.

It was chief Maazu who stated that if ALL the Constituency Executives were praising the hardwork of Samson Sarkodie, why won’t they appoint him as an executive member of the party? In reply. Mr. Francis Koffie the constituency Chairman replied that Sarkodie was a GHOST and every body fear a ghost. Two days later the MCE went on air at Shaft 98.1 F.m radio to announce that as far as he was concerned, Obuasi Municipality had NO NYEP Co-ordinator or his deputy. Now, where was their so called Pasco Agya Kofi when Sarkodie was walking on foot, riding a bicycle to organise party supporters in the villages between 2005 and 2007 when a motor bike was donated to the Obuasi Constituency? Where was Pasco Agya Kofi when Sarkodie was driving the NDC party pick up all over the Constituency with loud speakers blaring NDC songs to the annoyance of our political opponents in the NPP? When Sarkodie had a Funeral, it was Clement Sangaparee, this writer, who was driving the NDC pick up to campaign FOR VOTES in the constituency.

Both the Constituency Chairman and the MCE were fully AWARE of Sarkodie’s appointment and Cadres would NEVER keep quiet and let this injustice and Empty pride of these ungrateful Constituency Executives led by John Ackah, their Mafia Club leader who never VOTED FOR THE PARTY but have HIJACKED the party to the annoyance of most supporters. If we did not all VOTE for the NDC party like him, no one will be in power today 2010. let alone showing off their power. This case will finally END AT THE OSU CASTLE and CASUALTIES WILL FOLLOW SUIT-mark my words if Samson Sarkodie is removed as the NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy Frederick Addai it will mean that THE NDC IS REALLY NOT A PARTY WORTH DYING FOR and many party supporters would ADVISE themselves in 2012 apart from the CADRES.

It was the cadres whose hard work brought about the formation of the District Assemblies nationwide, and now a retired miner becomes the Constituency Chairman at Obuasi and decreed that he does NOT want cadres to be appointed to the District Assembly neither does he want cadres to be appointed to become part of the Constituency Executives, as a political novice as he is, he and his executives have exposed their ignorance by writing secrete letters to replace the NYEP co-ordinator and his deputy through dishonesty and deceit as well as the beating of the NYEP co-ordinator twice in their office and warned them NEVER to step in that office since 12th October, 2009 and they are paid – Is this action alone not and act of CAUSING FINANCIAL LOSS TO THE STATE?

When Alhaji Tapsoba intervened and advised the constituency executives the lazy women organizer in the constituency who respects nobody used profane language to insult him by referring to his mother’s private part on air.

If this Mafia Club falsely think that the NDC party is their own property or private company, them their time is now up. Let the laws of the hand deal with those who twice assaulted the NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy whilst the NDC constitution deal with the remaining self seekers pretending to be working for the NDC. Infact if you are hungry and food is placed on your table, you don’t eat with both hands, but this is exactly what these executive are doing. All Allow them to remain in office and the NDC will be lucky to get away with 8,000 votes, instead of the 27,000 votes the NDC had in 2008 in Obuasi, because of their extreme arrogance, selfishness, greed dishonesty and lies. If you dig a hole for someone to fall in, never you forget that you my be the one-goes the reggae song. You trapped the cadres even when we were in opposition first to get rid of them and do your own thing unfortunately, for you, Not a single cadre joined you to beat up the NYEP co-ordinator twice, and Not a single cadre joined you in writing those secret letters to deceive the minister and the National Youth Co-ordinator, because we know where we came from, where we are going and how to get there. If cadres had been part of your executive meeting you would not have disgraced yourselves in this shameful manner well, a fly without adviser always follow the corpse to the grave-send a rejoinder if you have the guts to do so and I will make you transparent for Ghanaians to see your dishonesty and lies. We shall be back.










Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement