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Where's Techiman South parliamentary summary sheet?

JEAN MENSAH4 EC Chair, Jean Mensa

Wed, 23 Dec 2020 Source: Kofi B. Kukubor

Let us assume that, NDC is mathematically bankrupt on Techiman South. What arithmetic sequence formula is NPP using to arrive at Techiman South Parliamentary figures?

At what point has EC declared the Parliamentary seat in Techiman South? Which CI or Regulation states that, video clip or recording is evidence of declaration? And why is NPP vociferous in defending the EC?

There are clear procedural rules that govern how the declaration of results should be done. Collate all polling station pink sheets, surmarise the all figures as allotted to each candidate, openly announce the results in the presence of Parliamentary Candidates or their assigns, and the public present, and show evidence by posting the summary sheets on the notice board of the EC's Constituency collation center, and a copy posted on EC's website for the Ghanaian public.

Whether political parties have their personal copies of the summary sheet or not, it is completely irrelevant. The EC is mandated by law to DECLARE, and POST/PASTE evidence of the declared results for all Ghanaians to access. The posted summary sheet, therefore, assumes legal document upon which any legal action can be taken.

The absence of such legal document makes it difficult for any responsible citizen to pursue any legal action in case he/she decides to challenge the credibility or otherwise of the results.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana, can not claim to have declared Techiman South Parliamentary elections results when the nation can not access or is denied access of the evidence thereof. This attitude of the EC and its deliberate attempt to keep mute over this critical matter is irresponsible, reckless, and a gross display of incompetence.

The Electoral Commission, as a matter of urgency and by law, must immediately provide the summary sheet for Techiman South Parliamentary results by posting it on its notice board and website. Unless, there is no summary sheet for Techiman South Parliamentary results. This then would activate the next line of action.

As it currently stands, both the NPP Parliamentary candidate and the NDC Parliamentary candidate should not be allowed to represent the good people of Techiman South, as there is no evidence provided by the EC to prove who the majority of Techiman South Constituency have given their parliamentary mandate of representation. Until this matter is adequately addressed, it would be assumed that, Techiman South has no representation in parliament in the 8th parliament of Ghana.

If the EC cannot provide the summary sheet (evidence of declaration) for Techiman South Parliamentary, it therefore means, there was no collation undertaken by the Returning Officer. If this is proved to be the factual position (which it appears to be in the absence of the evidence), EC must collate the Techiman South Parliamentary results immediately by adhering to the mandated procedure as established in the CI.

If EC refuses to adhere to these suggestions and other similar calls, the High Court must be sought to compel the Techiman South Returning Officer to provide the summary sheet as mandated by law or carry out the collation.

Columnist: Kofi B. Kukubor
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