Who Are The Biggest Thieves In Ghana? Part 1

Fri, 1 Mar 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

When the President of the Republic outlined his vision for the country, we saw that a section of Parliament was completely EMPTY, as a result of the so-called boycott by the Minority whose members boycotted the inauguration of the President, boycotted the vetting of Ministers of state and for the 3rd time, they boycotted the President’s State of the Nation Address. However, they did not boycott their monthly salaries, they did not boycott their GH¢500.00 given to them to rent decent houses and they will not boycott car loans that will be given to parliamentarians very soon, BUT THEY ARE NOT PREPARED TOWORK ON BEHALF OF THOSE WHO STOOD IN THE HOT SUN TO CAST THEIR VOTES FOR THEM. They are NOT PREPARED TO Work for those of us who woke up as early as 2am. On Dec 7th 2012 to queue and vote for them. Why? The 2012 elections were very free-fair and transparent but the tribal bigots from the Asante/Akyem party calling itself the NPP will not accept the RESULTS Congratulate the winner and recognize him as the elected President of Ghana because HE IS A NORTHERNER FROM THE MINORITY TRIBE IN GHANA AND SO HE IS NOT FIT TO BE A PRESIDENT in the eyes of the violent prone NPP-a party that has been preaching TRIBAL SUPERIORITY since 1992 to date. In 2008, Nana Akuffo Addo never accepted defeat and did not congratulate President J.E.A Mills who won the election on the third round. These Asante/Akyem politicians leading the NPP have NO SELF RESPECT and this disease has infected all the NPP members. They have the false belief that the Supreme Court will declare that Nana Akuffo Addo is the President and not President Mahama in the 2012 elections. What will rather happen is that the case sent to the Supreme Court by the NPP may STRUCK OUT for want evidence at WORST, At BEST, the Supreme Court will order FOR AN ELECTORAL REFORM since the so-called evidence cooked by the violent prone NPP will not be sufficient enough to overturn the 2012 election results in favour of Nana Akuffo Addo, the hot headed tribal bigot and man of violence. I am however very happy to note that the Diplomatic Community in Ghana are watching political events in Ghana with EAGLE EYES. Let me remind these innocent looking members of the NPP that Ghana does not belong to the people of ASANTE/AKYEM ALONE, but she belongs to all Ghanaians, so those violent politicians who hail from these two regions must be extra careful. Yes, you are included if you support the violent and destructive path of the NPP. No matter who you are, no matter your status in society because you will finally die and be buried one day as any other Ghanaian-so who are you and what are you of course, you are nothing before a decimal point.

Some fake Pastors and false prophets blatantly misuse the WORD OF GOD and manipulate the religious beliefs of Ghanaians for crass political objects. The so-called prophecy of one Prophet Owusu Bempah, a card bearing member of the NPP who saw his own DEATH and passed it on to President Mahama have formed the basis of several rounds of baseless recriminations in our politics since Dr. Afari Gyan, the EC Chairman declared President Mahama as the winner of the December 7th elections in 2012.

Before the general elections, there was a directive from the National Headquarters of the NDC in which the Party leaders advised all members of the NDC to go out and vote massively for all NDC parliamentarians and president Mahama. It added that NDC members should go home after voting and then go back to the polling stations at 5pm to witness the vote counting All NDC members did as we were told and left the polling stations after casting our votes.

On the other hand, a directive came from the NPP headquarters telling all NPP members to go out in their numbers to vote for Nana Akuffo Addo and all NPP Parliamentarians AND STAY AT THE POLLING STATIONS TO PROTECT THE BALLOT BOXES UNTIL 5pm when voting is over. They also did as they were told. However, when the results were first announced and the NPP was leading Mr. Owusu Afriyie a.k.a Sir John quickly came out to announce the results in favour of the NPP as the General Secretary and urged his party supporters to wear white Attire throughout the country – but the voting was extended to Saturday Dec. 8th 2012 since some people could not cast their votes on 7th Dec. and when the Electoral Commission Chairman was about to announce the final results the NPP said that they had evidence of vote rigging by the NDC and Dr. Afari Gyan called for evidence, and for 2 good hours, the NPP had none- Dr. Afari Gyan called their bluff and went ahead to announce the NPP is now in the Supreme Court. Yes, t he turn round to d describe the President of the Republic as a thief and for that matter all NDC members? Frankly speaking, nobody has the monopoly over insults in this country. Here is a bunch of de-Africanised political criminals of the highest order in the NPP who could not identify a political disaster when they saw one deriving the 2012 elections. What were the real meanings of “All Die Be Die” and the tribal slogan “We Akans Are Not cowards” that came out of the foul month of Nana Akuffo Addo – the tribal warlord and Presidential candidate of the NPP. Why did he let loose some NPP members to intimidate and harass NDC members at Kyebi, his hometown in the Eastern Region in the presence of President Mahama a during the campaign. . Any way, a fool remain a fool whether he goes to university or not and will remain a fool until he die and then be buried in a foolish grave and covered with cursed sand period. The overall NEGATIVE effects of these dangerous and destabilising statements during and after the elections about leading government functionaries including the President as well as some prominent chiefs in Ghana is the only object of the NPP and their hired man of God in the person of Owusu Bempah – They will fail.

This fake prophet has seen his own death, but not the President. It is an open secret that some crooks in cassocks are seeking through other means rather than through the APPROVED CONSTITUITIONAL MEANS OF ELECTIONS TO DETERMINE THE POLITICAL LEADERSHIP OF THE COUNTRY BUT THEY LIE BAD, Some people with Bibles in their hands and Bombs have now become the MOUTHPIECES of Opposition Leaders and their political parties in Ghana, who after having losing the elections in a free, fair and transparent polls are seeking power through the flagrant abuse of the Religious Faith of our citizens. Let me remind such political leaders and their questionable characters in cassocks that Presidents are chosen as an act of the exercise of the political will of well meaning Ghanaians who Cherish Peace, Unity and the development of the country and not through the Agents of Satan and Agents of genocide in the NPP with bombs and deadly grenades in their pockets ready to turn the country upside down and make it ungovernable just because their chosen Tribal War Lord did not win the 2012 elections. Let the NPP bring back Nana Akuffo Addo in 2016, and he will again win only in Asante/Akyem the two so-called strong holds of the NPP- where their bloodsoaked National Liberation Movement with “Mate-meho” as its local name turned those Regions unto the killing fields of the in human United Party and sent innocent men, women and children to their untimely graves between 1951-1956, but that tribal party lost all the three elections conducted by our British colonial masters who had wanted Dr. Busia to win those elections in 1951, 1954 and 1956. So despite those killings, the United Party, an offshoot of the dreaded National Liberation Movement which the NPP represent today lost all those elections to the well organized socialist CPP led by the Late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory. As a former Young Pioneer Cadre, I took very active part in national politics on the rich advice of Dr. Nkrumah in 1959 to when I took up my pen to write against the violent prone NPP-my pen always becomes a Burning Spear striking their hearts and they always ran for cover. I am fully prepared to deal ruthlessly with these red eyed political infidels if they don’t stop INSULTING OUR BABY FACED PRESIDENT and the NDC. You keep your fingers crossed, I shall return in part 2 of this article. I am done I shall return when the need arise. Aluta Continua. Jaanbie Iwaii.


Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement