Who's making the NPP government ungovernable; incompetence or karma?

Akufo Addo EU President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Sun, 7 Oct 2018 Source: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem

Apparently, a monumental failure is staring the current government in the face largely due to the "political flagellation" it afflicted itself with, as a result of, perhaps, the simultaneous implementation of their flagship projects; the politics of deceit they played; and also partly due to the elephant nature of their administration they require colossal capital to run.

The wealth President Akufo-Addo saw Ghanaians sitting on and for which reason no government must borrow, has diminished like a Marginal Cost Curve, and disappeared like a mirage into cu-de-sac

But all hopes is not lost yet. The government could still possess a magic wand to perform some miracles.

Maybe the government should also be advised to turn to Nana Agrada, Naa Tia, and their other numerous spiritual money charmers, to rescue the government in order to fulfill its mouthwatering campaign manifesto.

Mr. Logic in his song "The Tribute" to Shata Wale said "what elders can see sitting down, little boys cannot see standing up!"

Out of love and acute frustration, I wrote an open letter earlier this year to former president Mahama as his fanatic campaigner in the 2012 elections, to drop his presidential bid like a hot potato he is nursing to lead Ghana again.

Many supporters who have robust understanding of our political experimentation, assaulted and insulted me and dismissed me for being under the influence of "alomo bitters" with that advice I gave him.

Because the vibrant and vigilant manner the NPP government started their administration, left not only me astonished and perplexed, but other mouths were agape as well, at their hectic approach.

But the masquerade, our elders say, is a human being not a visitor from heaven and would soon be unravelled.

I totally forgot that the leaders of the then incoming government of the NPP, did not drop from heaven with passages of their campaign messages as the holy Scripture from God, who have been eventually catapulted into power after eight antagonizing years in opposition.

Believe it or not, what goes around comes around, and, certainly, those who live by the sword, shall perish by the sword.

Obviously, there's enough evidence that "the maligning" strategy, and the multiple "political economic lectures" including half-truths, the NPP adopted to win the election 2016, is going to boomerang them big time!

Former president Mahama's good works, achievements, and legacies that he intended to tell and sell to Ghanaians to maintain him in power, were instantly and summarily turned into a curse through a well-founded and funded wicked propaganda.

Clearly, all that this government has been able to achieve, is on the verge of collapse that may subsequently turn into a curse.

Again, every sinner has a future and every saint has a past.

In the 2016 general elections, former president Mahama was the sinner, and the then presidential candidate Akufo-Addo was a saint as the country's most anointed economic Saviour.

This is going to be the reverse in 2020.

President Mahama would be a saint in 2020 because, he has been exonerated by the government itself that labelled him as incompetent president.

The corruption label they branded him has long faded away like a misguided opinion, because according to A-plus, there is a stinking and deep seated corruption at the Jubilee House.

The political sin president Mahama committed, when he told Ghanaians the true state of the economy and how Ghana was not ripe for free SHS, is being appreciated by the masses today.

Perhaps, the biggest question begging for an answer is, who is making the government of the NPP ungovernable?

For we know the NPP claimed credit for rendering Mahama's government ungovernable because they thought it was serving Somalians using our collective treasury.

Did they ever care about the money wasted rendering his government ungovernable?

And whom were they also struggling to come and serve and decided to make someone's government a torturing one?

And did they have those they wanted to serve at heart?

There's no doubt this government has been less than competent with their misleading power deals left, right and center, which is going to finally pull the trigger of history to repeat itself.

And the signs are already clear for all those who care to see.

Mahama won't remain the Alpha and Omega of a one term president in our recent political history.

In fact, the NPP had the same opportunity in 2012 to recapture power. But their big blow was the death of Prof. Mills of blessed memory, which many Ghanaians, by and large, sympathized with the then mourning government.

Even with that the NPP lost with a small margin.

But the NDC won't find it on a platter of silver in their quest to recapture power as they did in 2012.

There are some few number of barricades they have to cross.

The first being the party's impending internal democratic litmus test in the selection of their flag bearer.

Who leads the now headless party in 2020, is the greatest determinant whether they should continue to dream and harbor the hope of returning to power in a jiffy come 2020 or not.

In this case, winning begets winning and losing begets losing.

That is, if other aspirants decide to shelve their ambitions and give the former president Mahama a nod to run, NDC can bounce back to power in 2020.

Mahama because, what the then opposition tagged him with has been proven by themselves to be the most fantastic lies.

Yet, the final decision would be in the bosom of the delegates of the party who must endorse Mahama.

So far, with the current political atmosphere at the grassroots, president Mahama is massively assured of victory.

But political party delegates can't be trusted fully.

They are sometimes more disappointing than the immune system of an HIV patient, and deadlier than Ebola.

The third hurdle is for president Mahama to promise a blanket amnesty and mercy for all his real and imaginary internal foes and opponents, who exchanged words with him during their "blamestorming" period after the humiliating defeat in the 2016 general elections.

If this is done accordingly and sincerely, and every Tom Dick and Harry, is assured of unity they would work in a cohesive manner towards the task ahead.

Otherwise, if some party members still belong to fashions out of fear of being marginalized or even intimidated if Mahama is back to power, the party must perish the dream of victory 2020.

Because nobody would work and help a political party for their own destruction.

So there must be the spirit of bygones be bygones from every fashion.

The fourth and final hurdle, has to do with the running mate.

Anybody who is going to run with Mahama must be neutral and innocent of the recent internal wrangling of the party.

The person must be able to trigger a great deal of national appeal in terms of credibility, competence, and insight.

Anything less than this may compromise the party on unity and disintegrate it into pieces before their political opponents!

Long Live our Democracy,

Long Live Ghana,

And Long Live Africa.

Long Live Ghana,

And Long Live Africa.

Columnist: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem
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