Why Ghanaian political parties not my saviour?

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Tue, 27 Nov 2018 Source: Joel Savage

The Ghanaian leader, Nana Akufo Addo

Last week, I had an e-mail from one of my of seven thousand followers on the LinkedIn social platform, asking the reason I don’t write much about political activities in Ghana. He is right, I don’t write much about my beloved Ghana, even though I can’t do anything without that country Nkrumah sacrificed his life to give the nation international recognition.

This question also reminds me about a European journalist who asked the great Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe, why he has written much about Africa but not Europe? Achebe answered, saying, a lot of American and European writers have written about Europe but only a few written about Africa.

In my opinion, there are many African - Ghanaian writers or journalists writing daily about Ghanaian politics, ignoring the foreign or external forces destroying the continent of Africa, therefore, why should I join them to write about Ghanaian politics?

It would be a wrongful judgment if American / European journalists or the foreign media thinks African journalists are not intelligent because they don’t know about the external factors destroying Africa. The same way, African leaders are not stupid too, I explained.

In Ghana, is the British, American, The Netherlands, France etc, embassies. All the ambassadors and diplomats in Ghana, read or follow what Ghanaian journalists write or what the president says. This has prevented Ghanaian or African journalists to write about external factors destroying the continent or retarding the progress of the continent.

Any Ghanaian journalist who writes a negative article about Britain, the Netherlands or America, would be denied a visa to enter or visit Europe and America. The same thing applies to an African leader. Nana Akufo Addo can’t speak about how Ebola has destroyed Africa’s infrastructure and economy, that will surely ruin the Ghana-America relationship. This is one of the reasons African leaders are trying very hard, yet there is no improvement.

President Akufo Addo can’t speak about Aids despite how the disease has ravaged Africa, including our beloved Ghana, simply because the US government is responsible for both Aids and Ebola, therefore, speaking about Aids and Ebola is a direct attack on the US government. This is some of the reasons African leaders and journalists are quiet but not stupid.

They are silent because of some of the issues I have mentioned. However, I am different; residing in Europe has given me the greatest chance to write about the clandestine roles Europe and America played to pull down the entire Africa economy.

Another reason, I don’t write much about Ghanaian politics is I don’t fully hold any of the Ghanaian political parties, whether the NDC or the NPP responsible for the poor Ghanaian economy as most Ghanaians see it. Of course, corruption is in Ghana, but many have ignored the fact to write about how Aids and Ebola have affected the entire African economy.

How can Africa suddenly become a flourishing continent after slavery, colonial aggression, Apartheid, Aids, Ebola? This is what many Ghanaians don't take into consideration, instead of blaming their leaders all the time.

Even some writers residing in the UK and America contributing regularly to the 'Opinion Column' of the ModernGhana news site, choose their words carefully to avoid any article which could jeopardize their stay in Europe and America, let alone African journalists who might love to visit Europe or America.

I am different, whether deportation exists or not since I haven't committed any crime, I will write against the US government and Western Europe for the crimes including medical they have committed in Africa because that silence maintained by our leaders and journalists has cost Africa dearly. How can Africans suffer in such a manner in the abundance of all these treasures?

Ghanaian politics is not my saviour. I can’t give my whole heart and mind to Ghanaian politics when thousands of Ghanaians are suffering. How can I have an interest in Ghanaian politics if the judiciary system is one of the corruptible in the world? African politics is in a serious trouble than what most people think as our leaders have been brainwashed to allow the US government to build military base all over Africa.

Finally, how can the Ghanaian government impress and guarantee the safety of Africans in the Diaspora if Ghana is full of armed robbers and after losing 10,000 Euros to a corrupt chief who sold a piece of land to many buyers? That means the judiciary system doesn't work the reason criminals and elites enjoy impunity in the country.

In my opinion, the best comfort any Ghanaian could get is must not depend on any political party. Depend on God, you don't see.

Columnist: Joel Savage