Pres Mahama will lose the 2012 presidential election

Wed, 5 Dec 2012 Source: Dakwa, Kwame D

Writing on the wall: Pres Mahama will lose the 2012 presidential election.

Kwame D. Dakwa Nkwatia, Kwawu Tuesday, November 20, 2012

As soon as President Mahama loses the presidential election various pundits and journalists will begin to declare that they saw the writing on the wall. I might as well say it now, “Folks, the writing is on the wall. President Mahama will lose the 2012 presidential election.” Mahama's candidacies fluttered when his surrogates succumbed to the “idiocy” of negative campaigning and the greed of power (greedy bastardization).

Frankly, the circumstances are too many to count but I will attempt to bring a few to light. We can easily recount how Hon Joe “Susudi” Gidisu used cash meant for the Achimota-Ofankor road project to purchase a plush brand new BMW 7 series. How can we forget Hon Asiedu-Nketia proudly declaring that he owns block factories that has contracts to supply blocks for the Bui dam? Or have we lost sight of the deplorable circumstances that led to Dr. Frimpong being kicked out of the Cardiac Center? A world renowned center that was his brain child. That infamous firing of the ECG head in Ashanti by Efo Koku was another nail in the NDC coffin. To make matters worse for the NDC, Hon Tony Aidoo has decided to spin a 180 degree dance and acrobatically do exactly what he chastised others for doing. Now he is a scrap dealer purchasing government vehicles as scrap and allegedly buying prime real estate. Also worth mentioning in the realm of the NDC descent into opposition is our own brother, Twum Boafo. As a good friend indicated, this young brash loudmouthed foot-soldier has not executed what his job description entails him to do. Instead, he jumps from one station to another, parroting NDC talking points. What has he done to leave a mark at the Ghana Free Zone Board?

To increase the visibility of their political naivety, NDC honchos decided to descend on religious leaders and traditional leaders. As if caught by a native doctor’s incantations, these folks fail to realize that their pronouncements and actions are leading the NDC straight into political oblivion. Since its founding, the NDC has never seen such political neophytes at the helm of leadership. Is it any wonder the founder himself has disassociated himself from the party? As Ghanaians learn more about NDC through the campaigning season, many will come to understand Ex-Pres J. J. Rawlings and his impact on NDC. As the old saying goes, when a frog comes out of the water to declare that the crocodile is dead, please don’t doubt it.

While Mahama's presidential ambitions no doubt would have been realized, he unfortunately surrounded himself with fake and heartless politicians. Imagine his surrogates, Education watch, refusing to remove political ads that are negatively impacting his campaign? Are they really for or against him? Indeed, they have been mesmerized by the prayers of God fearing Ghanaians who clearly see through the defamation of the Church by using it for political gains. Let’s not weep for the NDC, their time has come and gone. The only saving grace for many of its followers will be entering parliament. It is therefore not surprising that we have seen so many of them clamoring to enter the august house.

Columnist: Dakwa, Kwame D