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Why are Black Africans suffering extreme maltreatment in the lands of the Arab countries?

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Tue, 13 Mar 2018 Source: Rockson Adofo

On Saturday, 10 March 2018 at around 06:55 hours British Mean Time, I received a video on my WhatsApp page. The video was all about how a Black lady was inhumanely being treated by about a ten strongman French-speaking Arabs.

They had chained her on the neck as though she was a dog, sheep or goat. She was made to crawl on both her knees and palms similarly as a dog walks on its four paws. She was blindfolded in a black bandana.

One of the men was pulling her around the other men that had lined up and pulled out their genitals, penis so to speak. Each man in turn inserted their manhood in her mouth for her to suck them in what the American will say, giving them blowjob or fellatio.

At a point, while some had their penis in her mouth, others were penetrating her from the back. What a disgusting sight it was. Others were discharging their semen all over her face and forced her to open her mouth to show how her mouth was nearly full of spermatozoa.

The video is obscene. However, I cannot delete it until I have forwarded it to the authorities that have the power to detect and deal with the people involved in that despicable act. This is worse than rape and the type of sexual harassments for which some White people in the Western world are prosecuted and imprisoned for several years.

Not long ago, it became public knowledge how some Libyan Arabs were selling or auctioning black African immigrants in their country for US$200 and above in what was an open slave trade market. Those who purchased them made them do tedious work for a year or two before releasing them or according to another Ghanaian, had some of them have their kidneys and other vital organs removed for sale.

Why are Ghanaians in particular and black Africans in general still taking such risky adventures [SN1] going to the Gulf and the African Arab countries with intent to seek better life? These Arabs are wicked towards black Africans. They treat us worse than they treat their pets concluding from their current unfolding bestialities towards us.

I shall suggest that African leaders educate their compatriots not to proceed to the Arab countries. All the companies advertising that they can secure our men and women lucrative jobs in the Arab countries must be banned from doing so. The media houses should not be a mouthpiece for these selfish individuals and companies pursuing their insatiable greed and selfish interests by sending our Ghanaian or Black African compatriots to their doom under the hands of these wicked Arabs.

I hope the video I have could be passed on to a media house that can show it on their television to prove to Ghanaians and Black Africans how we are maltreated by our uncivilized and wicked Arab brothers and sisters who as fanatical Muslims as they are, hide behind Islam to commit hideous acts against fellow human beings.

Islam, like Christianity, is a religion of peace. It seeks that humanity lives in good neighbourliness but a few bad nuts among them become fanatics to inflict harm on people in contrast to the teachings of the religion. The Arabs in general however, look down on Black Africans for absurd reasons hence their fondness for maltreating our black fellows who unfortunately find themselves in their midst for want of securing better lives for themselves.

I have since written to an International body but without the video. I am waiting for their response to see how best they can help before arranging to send the video to them. What are the African Union of which the 55 African countries including the African Arab countries are members doing? Our own sister African Arab countries are mistreating us so there is no wonder that the Gulf States, namely, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have no respect for us and do equally maltreat us.

I am again copying in other International bodies and once I get a number for their WhatsApp or they show interest in the video, I shall arrange to get it across to them to see how best they can help to locate and rescue the girl in her twenties from her predicament in the hands of those Arabs exhibiting animalistic behaviours beyond pardon and human imagination.

The video is of 25 minutes duration and only God knows what has now become of the woman. Is she still alive or dead, I can’t tell.


Columnist: Rockson Adofo