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Why is life a competition to Ghanaians abroad?

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Thu, 25 Feb 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

How truthful is the statement that a man's bitterest enemy is his own household?

Ghanaians residing abroad, having come to the whiteman's land to seek greener pastures, have rather turned against themselves.

They don't want their fellow Ghanaian to prosper why because they see life as a "do or die" competition that he or she alone must win at anytime.

Most Ghanaians abroad will not take their fellow Ghanaians to their workplace even when there are job vacancies.

Some of them allege that when they take their colleague Ghanaians to their job places, the newcomers in many occasions do whatever it takes to get whoever took them there sacked to take over their place or position.

On the other hand, they don't want their fellows to prosper hence not bothering helping them even if there is the opportunity to help.

The Ghanaian mentality, as devilish as it is, must change or else, we shall always as a people lag behind other nationals in development.

When a Nigerian abroad sees any best opportunity in life, they point the way to their fellow Nigerians. Note, l don't mean their accused of infatuation with 419 activities.

In unity lies strength. Until Ghanaians unite in their quest to develop as a nation and a people, being truly one another's keeper, ready to assist our fellows as ourselves, we shall forever remain ignorant, poor and looked down upon.

Life should never be seen as a competition that only one person must run and win at all time. It must not become an envious contest where you will wish the failures of all but you.

It is this deplorable behaviour of ours that we are not prospering as people, both home and abroad.

What do you gain if you are the only successful Ghanaian among your family or among your fellow Ghanaians both home and abroad?

By our selfish and evil mentality, we risk being at the bottom of the development ladder all the time.

Life is not a competition for you alone to win so change your despicable attitude to others, oh fellow Ghanaian.

With collective participation, we can build a successful nation and a prosperous people. Therefore, hope for the collective success of your fellow Ghanaians but not only your selfish prosperity.

I admire those few Ghanaians abroad who don't see life as a competition hence help others to make it in life, all in the best collective interest of us as one people, one nation and with a common destiny.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo