Why is the NDC Family Losing Sleep over Calls for a New Voter Register?

Wed, 26 Aug 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

It is only sensible for the currently perceived bloated voter register to be purged of any instance of irregularity therein contained. Ghanaians deserve better. A credible voter register is the answer, or a step in the right direction, to, solving most of the problems presently strangulating the nation's economy, thereby impoverishing many Ghanaian homes.

With a credible voter register in place, giving all the political parties and their supporters a level playing field, Ghanaians will be able to choose the people of their real choice to govern them without any possibility of strangers deciding their fate for them. With the voter register in place as we speak, the likelihood of foreigners deciding the directional fate of Ghanaians is overwhelming.

I cannot get my head around, or can't make heads or tails of NDC's agitations against the timely call for auditing, or introducing an entirely credibly compiled new voter register. Why are they unsettled by the simple, but serious call for a new voter register to be compiled for all future national elections? What have they to hide that they are worried about its exposure should a new register come into place?

As the sinner or the wrongdoer runs away without being chased, according as held by a popular adage, so are the NDC who are absurdly resisting a genuine call for change in the compilation of our voter register, for the better.

Some NDC gurus e.g. Kofi Porturphy (NDC National Chairman) opine that it will be an extremely expensive exercise the call for a new voter/electoral register. To them, Ghana has no money to embark on that exercise. They still believe the existing bloated register that serves well their purpose and intents should remain.

I honestly find some, if not most, of, the NDC gurus, activists or sympathisers, very unreasonable when they express their opinions on socio-politico-economic issues. Their views are always clouded by partisan politics rather than selfless nationalism. Even if what they are arguing in favour of is ruinous to the nation, as long as it satisfies their parochial interests, they will wholeheartedly go for it, embracing it with open arms and kisses. They are always pursuing their selfish interests, but not the collective interests of Ghanaians. The evidence is vividly there for all to see.

Do they have any foresight at all? Have they considered the long term adverse effect or impact on Ghana should foreigners without Ghanaian nationality be allowed to register in their numbers to decide the fate of Ghanaians for us? Once we allow the alleged foreigners, to dubiously of course, register to vote in Ghana, then they have by default been accorded Ghanaian nationality. They can do whatever they like in Ghana same as can be done by a Ghanaian. They can access any facility or right exclusively reserved for the Ghanaian, thereby stretching the limited resources available to the nation.

Will the long term cost of these foreigners hired or purposely brought over into the country to register to vote for a particular party, not exceed the cost to the nation if new money were found to register genuine, but not fake, Ghanaians afresh? Will the new register not permit Ghanaians to sincerely elect credible leaders rather than having registered brainwashed-foreigners voting in a particular direction to elect clueless, incompetent and corrupt leaders for the nation and for Ghanaians?

I hope the NDC will cease being crafty, to no longer play on the intelligence of Ghanaians as though all Ghanaians are stupid. Some Ghanaians are wise, knowledgeable and are able to read between the lines. Do they not see how they are mismanaging the country hence collapsing the economy? Do they not hear how the suffering masses are accusing them of corruption on daily basis? Do they not see how incompetent, corrupt, nepotistic or tribalistic their views and agenda are?

Please NDC, give us a break. Whether you like it or not, there MUST be a new and genuinely compiled Voter Register for election 2016 and all other future national elections.

Please quickly get me the list of signatures supportive of my call for a new voter register as published on Ghanaweb, Modernghana and New Ghana (formerly Spyghana). The underlying link will take you to that publication.


A New Voter register coupled with honest electioneering campaign messages is the sure way to rescue Ghana from the grips of clueless, incompetent and unprecedentedly corrupt leaders whose callousness to the needs of Ghanaians defies convention.

I shall be back. Until the bones are rotten, the wise one from Kumawu/Asiampa shall be on the back of these corrupt Ghanaians who are resolutely determined to ruin Ghana through their nonsensical resistance to the reformation of the nation's electoral processes.

Rockson Aofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson