Working towards Ghana House in Toronto-Ontario

Ghana Union1 The Ghana House will be a resource center which can serve as cultural, social and educational needs

Tue, 5 Dec 2017 Source: Joe Kingsley Eyiah

For the umpteenth time, the dream of securing a Ghana House for Ghanaians living in the largest city of Canada, Toronto has been eluding the Ghana Union which is the umbrella association for Ghanaians living in the Greater Toronto Area.

Over 12 thousands Ghanaians, mostly youth, call this metropolis their home and there is the ever growing need to provide such growing population of Ghanaians here with community/resource center which can serve their cultural, social as well as educational needs.

Leaders of the community in the past had mobilized the various ethnic associations to fulfill this big dream. Unfortunately, their efforts had been hampered by lack of communal spirit and unforeseen financial problems.

It was therefore the vision of the new executives of the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO), aka Ghana Union, since their inception two years ago to broaden the collaborative efforts of the member associations and churches to achieve the ultimate goal of securing Ghana House for Ghanaian community in the Toronto metropolis.

The Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario is non-profit umbrella organization for all Ghanaian-Canadian individuals, religious, professionals and social organizations in Ontario established to promote and improve the well-being of members.

It seeks to build a strong, inclusive, vibrant and sustainable community that provides support services to enhance the well-being of Ghanaian- Canadians in Ontario through the provision of social, cultural and educational programs to members of community to enhance their living standards.

At a recent GCAO Council meeting in Toronto which was well attended by our community leaders the passion for getting the Ghana House in Toronto-Ontario moved beyond just words into action. Some leaders gave $1000 each to begin the seed money needed to make the project a reality.

The GCAO therefore strongly appeal to all well-meaning Ghanaians including cultural associations, churches and professional bodies as well as the youth in Ontario to put hearts/minds and hands together to move our community forward and make the Ghana House a reality sooner than later.


Columnist: Joe Kingsley Eyiah