UT Boss must blame himself; NOT first class graduates and light-skinned ladies

Captain Rtd Prince Kofi Amoabeng Prince Kofi Amoabeng

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 Source: Efo Korsi Senyo

I woke up yesterday morning with a press release in my email meant for publication with the subject “GCB Bank takes over UT Bank and Capital Bank from August 14, 2014“.

The statement further said that the two banks licenses have been withdrawn which means they cannot operate as commercial banks in Ghana any more.

Though, I quickly verified the statement and made publication on it, I was still with the full conviction that, It was not true.

Fews hours later Bank of Ghana hand a news conference on the issues. So it is true!

Here we go, hours later, one of Awake News’ Editors make a story with the headlines “UT Holdings Boss Regrets Giving Jobs To Only First Class Graduates”

And this is my take:

Mr. Prince Kofi Amoabeng’s assertion that he regretted hiring first class graduates and light-skinned ladies at his Bank which might have contributed to his current situation can never entirely be the case.

He and his management must be blamed if really UT Bank has collapsed. This is because he is not a starter in business either was his bank at the growth stage – He stated as money lending till got the status of a bank.

Infact, Mr. Amoabeng is one of the most successful businessmen in Ghana that most of we young entrepreneurs admire and look up to so he had all the opportunities to prevent ‘first class graduates and light-skinned ladies” from collapsing his company.

Since when did he get to know that these categories of his employee are not competent enough to do the job and what did he do? When the figures were showing red light, what did he and his management do? – He must blame himself

That notwithstanding, is undisputable fact that our high level educational institution in Ghana are focusing on training problem solvers rather problem creators.

To be honest with you, our educational system is structured in a way that only those who stick to what they are being told or taught in the classrooms make the grade ‘A’s and others that chase solutions to solving societal problems make the ‘F’s like in my case.

The sad aspect is that when you happen to be looking for a job in Ghana with my grade type (smaller than the legs of mosquito), I'm sorry even you will not be employed as a toilet attendant.

Instead of employers testing the ability of their new employees to perform (please not writing of another paper test oooo) by employing them on the basis that they have a chance to prove themselves on the job by what they can do with their hands and brains to guarantee their permanent employment, they rather want to see what grade they made on the paper – which sometimes can even be bought with money and kindness.

Since, I was aware of this from day one, after graduating in 2009 or so, I never even attempted going for my degree (if only my type is even qualified to be called so). This is primarily because I believe more in the knowledge and the skills I have acquired there even outside my field of study. I really don’t believe in the paper call ‘certificate’ but the knowledge and skills acquire during my state in the four corners of that wonderful university called KNUST.

I rest my case

Columnist: Efo Korsi Senyo
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