Opinions Tue, 30 Mar 2010

Your Excellency,let the agencies of state reign in this indignity!

Your Excellency,When reports hit the airwaves regarding a standoff between some party apparatchiks and the district Chief Executive of Swedru,I thought that would be the last of such unfortunate incidents.Of late,members of our great party have either chosen to disdain ministers and key personalities on Radio or as was the case in Swedru and the party’s national headquarters,daringly lock out party officials.In some cases,you’ve not been spared these attacks.As this spectre of indiscipline looms,I think it’s time agencies of state did their work! If one monitors the airwaves,one realises that most of the “serial callers” are active agents of some kind of proxy war.Our genuine quest for a peaceful Ghana must transcend our political differences,allowing for punitive action against offenders of our laws,irrespective of their political leanings.With due respect,these fellow NDC admirers involved in these incidents must pause and think about the political consequences.This is downright disgusting!Worse of all,it’s fast becoming a full-blown media spectacle. On my way to town that fateful morning of march 25, I was disappointed but not surprised when I heard that a number of NDC youth had stormed the party’s headquarters, calling for the immediate dismissal of Carl Wilson.When they apparently realised the man they demanded to be sacked had already been axed, they then charged: ”we are suffering and want jobs!” Indeed,I’m not unaware of the insensitivity that’s crept into the fold of a number of party elders that are now part of the government.It’s imperative to state that most of these lads worked under the watch of these party elders who’re now in government.Why are these elders now inaccessible?Are they aware this indifference’s dwindling the party’s fortunes? I also know that most of these party followers are unskilled and ineligible for the white-collar jobs they fervently seek.Perhaps those at the helm of affairs have to begin exploring ways of “retooling” them and the multitudes out there.Let me also advise my party’s youth, especially those who’re unlettered, to go back to their various towns and actively participate in the youth in agriculture programme.Our anger doesn’t justify these standoffs!!! I know most of them and quite frankly,spoke to those who instigated that incident.I told them I’d only join them on condition that these grievances are channelled through laid down structures in the party.Carl Wilson can’t claim sainthood but care must be taken as to who replaces him,as the debacle could be worse under the new head.I think that his own recklessness and egocentricity left him in this invidious position.If I decide to discuss this saga objectively on this platform,I’m afraid,dire consequences shall await our great party.That I’m frantic because of this great party is not enough reason for me to denigrate it.I can’t lend myself to these shameful standoffs,as I know they’re insidiously drifting us into anarchy.

Your Excellency,I must admit that this spectre of indiscipline must have been bequeathed us by the erstwhile NPP regime.In the days of that regime,one was rewarded if one maligned the NDC.Money that was meant to settle TOR’s debt was shamelessly shared among guard dogs of that regime; it was the norm that “serial callers” be rewarded daily,making them fall on one another to slur the NDC or anything related to it.A number of these “serial callers” were given houses that were built in the name of civil servants.Do the names Ibrahim and Yahaya Kota ring a bell?As I write,most of these buildings have hardly gone beyond the lintel level.Others were given contracts that they had little or no competence at all but were paid!All these NDC youth watched as the bane of the NPP’s maladministration loomed at the time.Thank God,we’re in batter Ghana; these must all stop.The security agencies must be proactive.Several events that have occurred lately leaves every discerning and sincere Ghanaian wondering as to the ability of these agencies to deal with these developments squarely. In conclusion, Your Excellency, the tide of indiscipline around the country is now insufferable.Mr President, let heads roll In your security apparatus if need be.At a more appropriate platform,I will deal with some of the ills within the security system.Once again,I have confidence in you,my president.I shudder to say this,but your meekness has been misconstrued to mean weakness by many.Rise and shine,Mr President! Rise, My Father! These misdemeanours, be they from NDC or any other party, must stop now! As for your appointees, let them know that the future of this great party rests on their attitude towards those who made it possible for them to be in those chilly offices.So far,most of them are a sad commentary.Whereas party youth must cease making importune demands of officials, the latter must make room to listen to many others with germane concerns.I love my party and won’t discuss details of my encounters or personal esperiences here, as that would make prime fodder for pseudo-capitalists-turned journalists who don’t wish us well.

Long Live Presidents Rawlings and Mills, God bless Ghana.

Ansong Justice, Accra. asongj@gmail.com

Columnist: Ansong Justice