RE: Ken Ofori-Atta will die in 2021

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Comment: Ken Offori to die

Suffering and angered depositor
2021-01-02 12:49:16
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RE: Ken Ofori-Atta will die in 2021

Whether he dies or lives makes no difference. He and the president seized, stole and kept our monies. We have toiled for many, many years, so that our old age may be a bit comfortable, only for these two thieves to make us suffer in old age and, consequently hate the human race. We the pensioner depositors are suffering, and most of our colleagues died as a result of this.
So, what are they waiting for to also die and join those they have "killed"? It will only be very fair if the two die as our pitiful colleague depositors. The fight is the Lord's. What do they get when death is mentioned? Is he not a mortal being? Where were the Cosmic blabla when our colleague depositors were begging for their own monies to be paid them? After all, "All die be die". The curse of our suffering descend upon them and let "divine and natural justice" prevail for the sake of posterity. We also cry out to Tratramegatron to intervene and let the time-tested golden rule apply. He will and in effect, they all must, continue dying as a warning until our monies are paid. Nonsensical nonsense. The law of Karmah be upheld.

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Suffering and angered depositor on Jan 2, 12:49