RE: Ken Ofori-Atta will die in 2021

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2021-01-05 10:08:01
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False prophet!!!

Most of the people commenting on this issue are barking up the wrong tree.

The issue is NOT whether anyone will live or die, but whether it is legitimate journalism for an editor to publish the possibly self-interested rantings of a false prophet.

There is a difference between advertisements and editorial matter, which most publishing houses that possess integrity scrupulously observe. An advert must be labelled as such and put in a position reserved for adverts. To camouflage the self-advertisement of a fake prophet is thus to give the oxygen of publicity to a dangerous bit of invention.

If newsmen and publishers do not police themselves, someone else will. That will be to the detriment of all publishers, and they should all therefore combine to impress upon those who publish such nonsense to stop doing so.
Meanwhile, the National Communications Agency (in charge of electronic media), the National Media Commission (in charge of ALL MEDIA) AND THE GHANA JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION SHOULD intervene in the matter before the legal authorities decide to haul Ghanaweb to court for threatening the life of a Cabinet Minister, by creating hatred for him in the public eye.

This is a serious point, for mentally disturbed persons can easily take it up[on themselves to fulfil a "prophecy" ordained from "On High". They will ask themselves (the mentally disturbed, that is) if he hadn't committed a serious offence, why would God pronounce a death sentence on him?

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Kyirinkwaseasem on Jan 5, 10:08